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La Musique Populaire is an American indie pop band.

Members Ryan Bassler and Eric Haugen formed a band called Lorenzo Music in 1992, but were faced with legal action from the actor of the same name,[1] so they changed it to La Musique Populaire, more commonly shortened to LMP.

Likened to Ween, The Raspberries and The Magnetic Fields, they have released a number of records on Polyholiday records, the most ambitious being the six-CD-R box set A Century of Song, which was released in 2004. The album covered 100 songs recorded in the 20th century in chronological order, eschewing canonical choices in favour of tracks such as "So What", "Do the Freddie", and "Lucas with the Lid Off". The Village Voice said, "There's no way any normal person would want to sit through all six CDs of A Century of Song".[2]

The band are currently recording their next project, rumored to be a ten-CD box set, covering everything The Beatles recorded, in chronological order.



All on Polyholiday Records.

  • Aunt Canada - 1996
  • The New Body Language - 2000
  • Meeting Up and Making Friends - 2001
  • Love Conquers Alda - 2003
  • A Century of Song - 2004


  • "Ding Dong" - 2003
  • "Our Birthday" - 2004
  • "Show Some Heaven to Me Baby" - 2004
  • "Sugar Cone" - 2004
  • "Honey Honey Honey Honey" - 2004

Tribute albums[edit]

LMP did a cover of "Mysterious Whisper" for the album We Might Be Giants, Too!, a tribute album to They Might Be Giants released in 1998, as well as Glass Flesh 2, a tribute album to Robyn Hitchcock.


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