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For various uses in France see La Nef (disambiguation)

La Nef (in French wikt:nef means the nave of a ship or church, or a medieval boat) is a French-Canadian early music performance group founded in Quebec in 1991. The founding members were Sylvain Bergeron, guitar and musical director, and Claire Gignac, contralto and recorder, theatrical director and Viviane LeBlanc, soprano.[1]

Their first show was Musiques pour Jeanne la Folle ("Music for Joan the Mad"), later recorded as a CD for Dorian Recordings.


  • Music for Joan the Mad (Dorian)
  • Perceval - La quête du Graal vol.1 La Nef Daniel Taylor (Dorian)
  • Perceval - The Quest For The Grail Vol.2 La Nef (Dorian)
  • Garden of Earthly Delights (Dorian)
  • Montsegur: La Tragedie Cathare (Dorian)
  • Musiques des Montagnes - Music of Greece. Claire Gignac (Atma)[2]
  • Oikan Ayns Bethlehem - Celtic Christmas songs. Meredith Hall (Atma)[3]
  • La traverse miraculeuse Les Charbonniers de l'enfer & La Nef (Atma)
  • The Battle of Killiecrankie. Matthew White (Atma)
  • "Dowland in Dublin" - with Michael Slattery, tenor. (Atma)
  • "Trobairitz - Poems of Women Troubadours" - with Shannon Mercer, music by Seán Dagher. (Analekta)


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