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La Pallice (also known as grand port maritime de La Rochelle) is the commercial deep-water port of La Rochelle, France.

During the Fall of France, on 19 June 1940, approximately 6,000 Polish soldiers in exile under the command of Stanisław Sosabowski arrived at La Pallice, from where they were evacuated to Great Britain - thus able to go on fighting till the end of the war.

Under the Nazi Occupation of France, La Pallice was used as a U-boat base. The large submarine base built at that time still stands but is not in use.

La Pallice is equipped with oil unloading equipment, and mainly handles tropical wood. It is also the home of La Rochelle's fishing fleet, which was moved from the old harbour in the city centre during the 1980s.

Panorama of La Pallice industrial harbour, seen from Île de Ré

Coordinates: 46°09′30″N 1°13′40″W / 46.15833°N 1.22778°W / 46.15833; -1.22778

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