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La Paz, Honduras

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La Paz
La Paz is located in Honduras
La Paz
La Paz
Location in Honduras
Coordinates: 14°19′6″N 87°40′6″W / 14.31833°N 87.66833°W / 14.31833; -87.66833
DepartmentLa Paz
 • Total162 km2 (63 sq mi)
750 m (2,461 ft)
 • Total46,264
 • Density290/km2 (740/sq mi)

La Paz (Spanish pronunciation: [la ˈpas]) is the capital city of the La Paz Department of Honduras. The town, founded in 1792[citation needed] and has a population of 46,264 (2015 est.).[1]

The town is 750m (2461 feet) above sea level on the Comayagua River near the Cordillera de Montecillos in an area that has mountainous terrain with thick jungle cover.


The town dates back to 1750 when two Spanish colonies existed in the area. The town's title was given on 14 September 1848 when the name "La Paz" was officially recognized by a decree from Comayagua and in 1861 it was given the status of a city and in 1869 it was made a departmental seat.


The town's economy is based on henequen, coffee, cattle, timber processing, tanning, distilling and some mining.[citation needed]


The festival of the "Virgen de los Dolores" is held in November.

The local cultural center is located in a 19th-century house and has a collection of paintings and cultural objects that date to the 19th century period. It also organizes activities throughout the year.


The local football team, Municipal Paceño, play their home games at the Estadio Roberto Suazo Cordoba. In summer 2013, they were relegated to the third tier of Honduran football.


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Coordinates: 14°19′01″N 87°40′59″W / 14.317°N 87.683°W / 14.317; -87.683