La Paz County Sheriff's Office

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La Paz County Sheriff's Office
AZ - La Paz County Sheriff.png
Abbreviation LPCSO
Agency overview
Formed 1983
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction La Paz, Arizona, USA
Map of Arizona highlighting La Paz County.svg
Map of La Paz County Sheriff's Office's jurisdiction.
Size 4,513 square miles (11,690 km2)
Population 19,715 (2000)
General nature • Local civilian agency
Headquarters Parker, Arizona

Agency executive
La Paz County Sheriff

The La Paz County Sheriff's Office (LPCSO) is a local law enforcement agency that serves La Paz County, Arizona. It provides general-service law enforcement to unincorporated areas of La Paz County, serving as the equivalent of the police for unincorporated areas of the county. It also operates the county jail system. The La Paz County Sheriff's Office (LPCSO) is headquartered in Parker, Arizona.[1]


LPCSO has three primary patrol districts.

District 1:

District 2:

District 3:

LPCSO also has a Boating Division with patrols the waterways of La Paz County, including the Colorado River, Lake Havasu, Bill Williams River, and Alamo Lake State Park.


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