La Pepa Bridge

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La Pepa Bridge
Puente de la Constitución de 1812.jpg
View of the bridge, in August 2013.
Coordinates 36°31′29″N 6°15′25″W / 36.52472°N 6.25694°W / 36.52472; -6.25694Coordinates: 36°31′29″N 6°15′25″W / 36.52472°N 6.25694°W / 36.52472; -6.25694
Carries 6 lanes, (2 lanes each way & 2 tram way)
Crosses Bay of Cadiz
Locale Cadiz,  Spain
Design Cable-stayed bridge by Javier Manterola
Total length 3,092 meters (10,144 ft)[1]
Width 24 meters (79 ft)
Longest span 540 meters (1,770 ft)[1]
Opened 2015 est.
Daily traffic expected 20,000 AADT

La Pepa Bridge (Puente de La Pepa in Spanish), officially "La Pepa" and also named the second bridge to Cadiz or new access to Cadiz, will be a bridge which will cross the Bay of Cadiz linking Cadiz with Puerto Real in mainland Spain. When the bridge is finished it will be the longest bridge in Spain and the longest span cable-stayed in this country.[citation needed]

The pylons of sustentation measure 180 metres. One of them is on the sea, and the other in the Cabezuelas Harbour.

In 1969 it was inaugurated the first bridge of Cadiz, the Carranza bridge. Since 1982 Spain's government accepts the need to build a new bridge. Nowadays 40,000 vehicles per day across the bay by the first bridge.


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