La Perouse Pinnacle

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Coordinates: 23°47′08″N 166°12′46″W / 23.78556°N 166.21278°W / 23.78556; -166.21278

La Perouse Pinnacle
La Perouse Pinnacle

La Perouse Pinnacle is a volcanic pinnacle located in the French Frigate Shoals about midway in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. It is the oldest and most remote volcanic rock in the Hawaiian chain. La Perouse Pinnacle stands 120 ft (37 m) tall. It is surrounded by coral reefs and a shorter, rocky islet about 5–10 feet (1.5–3 meters) tall. Because of its distinct shape, the pinnacle can be mistaken for a ship from a distance.

The rock is named for Comte de La Pérouse, who came across the shoals in 1786.[1]


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