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For the central town square in Gibraltar, see John Mackintosh Square.

La Piazza is an Italian folk music group that records and performs arrangements considered to be of traditional Latium inspiration. They have released two albums on the Waterfront Records label. They originally started as a quartet, but added three new musicians for their second album.

Band members[edit]

  • Daniele Conversa, guitar, bandola, vocals
  • Antonella Giallatini, percussion, vocals
  • Riccardo Masi, melodeon, vocals
  • Gabriele Modignliani, guitar, vocals
  • Sara Modigliani, guitar, vocals
  • Claudia Mortali, voice
  • Giuseppe Pontuali, melodeon


  • 1997 - Amore piccolino fatte grande... (Small love, great deeds...)
  • 2000 - Milandè (Midland)