The Bread Peddler (1950 film)

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The Bread Peddler
La portatrice di pane (1950 film).JPG
Directed by Maurice Cloche
Produced by Livio Panarelli
Written by Xavier de Montépin (novel)
Maurice Cloche
Yves Mirande
Starring Vivi Gioi
Philippe Lemaire
Jean Tissier
Music by Ettore Montanaro
Cinematography Carlo Montuori
Edited by Renée Gary
Excelsa Film
Omnium International du Film
Distributed by Minerva Film
Release date
14 September 1950
Running time
98 minutes
Country France
Language Italian

The Bread Peddler (French:La porteuse de pain, Italian:La portatrice di pane) is a 1950 French-Italian historical drama film directed by Maurice Cloche and starring Vivi Gioi, Philippe Lemaire and Jean Tissier. It is an adaptation of the novel The Bread Peddler by Xavier de Montépin.[1] It was made at Cinecittà in Rome.



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