La Presidenta

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La Presidenta: historia de una vida
La Presidenta.jpg
Author Sandra Russo
Country Argentina
Language Spanish
Subject Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Publisher Editorial Sudamericana
Publication date
July 2011
Media type Print
Pages 320
ISBN 978-950-07-3623-7

La Presidenta: historia de una vida (Spanish: The President, story of a life) is a 2011 biography of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, written by journalist Sandra Russo. It was ranked as the most sold non-fiction book in the first two weeks since its edition.[1] It is based in four interviews with Cristina Fernández and other close politicians.[2]

The book was critical with former members of the cabinet. Alberto Fernández was described as an agent of Clarín newspaper (in the context of the controversies between Clarín and Kirchnerism).[2]

Cristina Fernandez said that it was a mistake to appoint Graciela Ocaña to the ministry of health. Ocaña revealed then that the president might have requested her to avoid taking actions against Juan José Zanola, a CGT unionist trialed for embezzlement with health plans.[3] She mentioned as well that she intended to improve the health plans system.[3]

She also considered a mistake to select Julio Cobos to run for vicepresident under her 2007 ticket. Cobos, as head of the Senate of Argentina, voted against a government proposal during the 2008 Argentine government conflict with the agricultural sector, and the government had a conflict with him since then. Cobos said that the book had conceptual errors.[4]