La Quotidiana

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La Quotidiana
Logo La Quotidiana.svg
Type Daily Newspaper
Founded 1997
Language Raeto Romanic[1]
Headquarters Ilanz, Switzerland

La Quotidiana is the only Romansh daily newspaper. It is published by the Südostschweiz Mediengruppe and was founded in 1997 with support from the Romansh news agency Agentura da Novitads Rumantscha.[1] The newspaper is based in Ilanz, previously in Chur.[2] It is the successor of all Romansh newspapers, with the exception of the Surmiran Pagina da Surmeir. La Quotidiana is written in both the traditional varieties and the standardized language Rumantsch Grischun; often more than half of the articles are written in Sursilvan, the variety with the largest number of speakers.[1]

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