La Razón (Madrid)

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La Razón
La Razón logo.svg
Madrid - Sede del diario La Razón (calle Josefa Valcárcel 42) 2.JPG
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Grupo Planeta
PublisherMauricio Casals
EditorFrancisco Marhuenda
Founded1998; 22 years ago (1998)
Political alignmentConservatism, Catholicism, Spanish nationalism, Right wing, Monarchism
HeadquartersMadrid, Spain
Circulation103,789 (2011)

La Razón (Spanish pronunciation: [la raˈθon]; lit. 'The Reason') is a daily newspaper based in Madrid, Spain. It has the sixth-highest circulation among general-interest Spanish dailies, and the fourth-highest among those based in Madrid.[1]

The newspaper has satellite news bureaux, and local editions, in Barcelona, Murcia, Seville, Valencia and Valladolid.

History and stance[edit]

La Razón was founded in 1998 by Luis Maria Ansón.[2][3] The paper is owned by Grupo Planeta[4][5] and based in Madrid.[6] The newspaper's editorial stances are primarily liberal economically and conservative socially. The paper has also a rightist stance.[7][8]


La Razón had a circulation of 140,000 copies in 2003.[9] The 2008 circulation of the paper was 153,024 copies.[10] It was 124,284 copies in 2009, 118,466 copies in 2010 and 103,789 copies in 2011.[11] Between July 2010 and June 2011 the paper had a circulation of 109,166 copies.[1]


Francisco Marhuenda is the editor of the daily.[2] Leading contributors include Alfonso Ussía, César Vidal, Carmen Gurruchaga and Carlos Rodríguez Braun.[2]


La Razón has been a focus of attention for the intentionality in the design of the front pages, appearing even in other media and causing big debates in the social networks.[12]

The edition of 9 May 2012 caused a big aversion in some sectors, and it was criticized by the Le Monde newspaper, where it appeared photos of five students with names and surnames and a text below describing them as "bad students" and "stirrers" to make a call for participation on a protest against the cutbacks on education. The student union decided to report the newspaper.[13]

In the aftermath of the November 2015 Paris attacks, the paper published a doctored image of Veerender Jubbal, a Canadian Sikh, falsely labelling him as “one of the terrorists”.[14]


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