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La Raza
Founded 1973
Founding location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Territory US: Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas and southern US.
Ethnicity Hispanic (Mexican or of Central American origin)
Membership 11,000 active in the US
Allies Folk Nation, Crips, MS-13, Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples, 18th Street gang, Surenos, Mexican Mafia

Almighty Saints

Latin Kings, Vice Lords, Four Corner Hustlers, Latin Counts, Vatos Locos, People Nation

La Raza is a street gang founded in Chicago in 1973. Their colors are green, white, and red (same as the Mexican flag). Their symbols include the Mexican flag, cross, and a six-point star.

Relations with other gangs[edit]

Although La Raza is affiliated with Folk Nation, La Raza has been to war with many Folk Nation gangs such as Gangster Disciples, and other Folks. Their main rivals are local gangs like Latin Kings. The Latin Counts from the back of the yards area.

Activities inside and outside the Chicago area[edit]

La Raza's activities have not been limited to the Chicago area they originated in. La Raza has been active in New York City. A 1996 police report noted La Raza as the rival of the Gran Familia Mexicana, a federation of Mexican gangs in the NYC area.[1]

Between 2001 and 2003, La Raza was involved in a gang war with Vatos Locos. In the end, 12 Vatos Locos members were charged in the conspiracy to kill 4 rival gang leaders, including one leader who was sentenced to 151 years for his part in the plan.[2]

In April 2005, 19 suspected members of La Raza were arrested in the Naples, Florida area by federal and local law enforcement. Officials estimated the group's membership at around 100 and noted they'd been in the area since at least 1996.[3]

In July 2005, La Raza was listed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as one of the 54 violent street gangs targeted by ICE in a two-week nationwide enforcement action called Operation Community Shield.[4]

Local officers in Gwinnett County, GA have also noted the presence of La Raza members in their jurisdiction.[5] ICE officials have arrested La Raza members in the Atlanta area.[6]

A 2005 report produced by the US Department of Justice noted the presence of La Raza in the western United States, but not a high level of activity. A total of approximately 17 percent of the law enforcement agencies surveyed nationwide reported a presence of La Raza in their jurisdiction. Just over 6 percent of those agencies reported La Raza activity as moderate to high levels.[7]

In 2008, La Raza was documented in Waukesha, Wisconsin.[8]


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