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The Journal officiel de la République française (JORF or JO) is the official gazette of the French Republic. It publishes the major legal official information from the national Government of France.


The journal actually consists of several publications:

  • The best known is the "Laws and Decrees" (Journal officiel lois et décrets). It publishes all statutes and decrees, as well as some other administrative decisions. Statutes and decrees must be published in the Journal officiel before being binding on the French public[1]
  • The Journal officiel Associations publishes notices of creations, breakup or substantial changes in nonprofit associations (see 1901 French law on associations)


The direction of Official Gazettes (Direction des journaux officiels) is a service of the Prime Minister of France. It publishes the Journal officiel as well as other official gazettes publishing information from certain ministries or administrations.

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