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La Revue musicale
LaRevueMusicale 11.jpg
Cover of La Revue musicale (1927).
EditorHenry Prunières
First issue1920
Final issue1940

La Revue musicale was a music magazine founded by Henry Prunières in 1920.[1] La Revue musicale of Prunières was undoubtedly the first music publishing magazine giving as much attention to the quality of editing, iconography, and illustration. In each issue (11 per year), there was plenty of information on the musical and choreographic life in many countries.

In addition to the magazine, there were over 160 musical pieces by various composers, most of whom were French, irregularly produced as 81 supplements between 1920 and 1939. Many of these were composed specifically for the magazine. Several compositions have been over-looked in listings of the complete works of the composer. [2]

The magazine's aim was to support the profound changes taking place in the music of the period while simultaneously showing affection for the music of the past. Avoiding intransigent nationalism that marked French classical music before the World War I, the magazine became a reference point for a segment of European music through the interwar period.[3] After 20 years of methodically building a new music firmly based on its adherence to Classicism, the events of World War II made shut down the magazine in 1940.


Many writers, colorists and illustrators collaborated with the magazine, among them:


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