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La Salle Green Hills
LSGH Seal.png
343 Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila Philippines
TypePrivate Non-profit
Basic education institution
MottoAd Deum Per Fidem Mores Culturam (Latin)
To God, through faith, virtue and culture
FounderLa Sallian Christian Brothers
OversightDe La Salle Brothers in the Philippines
PresidentBrother Victor A. Franco FSC
PrincipalRamelle Javier
(Grade School)
Donna B. Ines
(High School)
GradesK to 12
Number of students~7,300
CampusUrban, 60,000 m²metro
Color(s)Green      and      White
MascotThe Green Archera[›]
AccreditationLevel III PAASCU and FAAP
NewspaperHasik, EPA Link GS
The Lazette, HS
YearbookRanger GS
Scope HS
AffiliationsDLSPI, EDSOR[1]
Alma Mater songDe La Salle Alma Mater Hymn
Varsity TeamLS Greenies logo.png Greenies
Athletic AssociationNCAA
LSGH50 logo

La Salle Green Hills

La Salle Green Hills ("LSGH") is a private Catholic school exclusively for boys located on Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is run by the Roman Catholic Brothers of the Christian Schools- Philippine District. It was established in 1959 by the De La Salle Brothers led by Brother H. Gabriel Connon FSC of then De La Salle College Manila primarily to provide more grade school slots to the then very popular De La Salle Grade School (1911–1984) in Taft Avenue, Manila.

La Salle Green Hills offers elementary education,[2] and secondary education.[3]

De La Salle Philippines, the association of all Lasallian institutions in the Philippines, after De La Salle University in Manila (1911),[4] De La Salle Araneta University in Malabon City (1946), University of St. La Salle in Bacolod (1952),[5] and the La Salle Academy in Iligan (1958).[6]

La Salle Green Hills was given a clean seven-year accreditation by the PAASCU in 1991 and 1998, thus making it the first high school institution in the Philippines with this distinction.[7][8] Both Grade School and High School departments of La Salle Green Hills were awarded Level III accreditation—the highest possible level—by the PAASCU and FAAP.


Early 1950s the Brothers of De La Salle College-Manila led by Brother H. Gabriel Connon FSC, acquired a six hectare lot on Ortigas Avenue in Mandaluyong City to relocate the De La Salle Novitiate from Baguio and to accommodate increasing requests for admission to the then De La Salle Grade School on Taft Avenue, Manila.[9]

In July 1959 La Salle Green Hills (then spelled La Salle – Green Hills[10]) opened its door to two preschool-level sections and one section each for elementary school units one and two. Its first Brother-Director was Brother Alphonsus Bloemen FSC who first came to teach in De La Salle College in Manila in 1940. On August 24, 1960, La Salle Green Hills, Inc. was registered as non-stock, non-profit corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In August 1964, the high school was established.[9] In 1968, when the De La Salle High School – Manila was made defunct, graduates of the De La Salle Grade School were transferred to the La Salle Green Hills High School, making La Salle Green Hills the high school of De La Salle University – Manila, until the establishment of the co-educational De La Salle-Santiago Zobel School in 1978. The De La Salle Grade School – Manila was made defunct in 1983, after which male students were given an option to study either at LSGH (for northern and central Metro Manila residents) or at DLSZ (for southern Metro Manila residents).[11]

La Salle Green Hills was first accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities or PAASCU in 1971 and was given a three-year accrediting grant. La Salle Green Hills received three-year accreditations again in 1974 and 1977. After which, La Salle Green Hills was given a better five-year grant in 1982 and 1987 after two accrediting visits. Accrediting visits in 1991 and 1998 were given seven-year accreditations making it the first and only high school in the Philippines to be granted two seven-year accreditations.[9] After the seven-year accrediting grant that was given to La Salle Green Hills in 1998, the school was surveyed on September 2005 and was granted a five-year accreditation.[12][13] In June 2008, the La Salle Green Hills Grade School was granted a

Level III accreditation by PAASCU, making it the first and only school in the Philippines certified as such.[14] And in late 2008, the High School was granted Level III accreditation from the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines, the highest accreditation given to any basic education institution in the Philippines.[15]

On June 8, 2009, La Salle Green Hills celebrated its golden jubilee, and in 2011 celebrated together with the rest of the De La Salle schools in the Philippines the centennial celebration of the De La Salle Brothers in the Philippines.[9]

In 2009, a student named Keanu Richal Karami raised awareness for Typhoon Ondoy by playing his violin while raising 10,000 pesos and donating it to the victims and their families. At the time, he was a local hero as being interviewed by basketball player Chris Tiu, the show Ako Mismo and Philippine Star.


Grade School[edit]

The La Salle Green Hills Grade School (LSGH-GS) is a Catholic elementary school for boys. It offers education for students from the kindergarten level to the seventh grade. Its facilities and classrooms are located within the St. Joseph the Worker Building (Kindergarten and Grade 1), St. Brother Miguel Febres Cordero FSC building, Brother Arnold Reche FSC building, and the St. La Salle building (Grades 2–6). The Grade School shares the athletic facilities with the High School. Its principal is Mr. Jose Ramelle Javier. The Grade School has the distinction of being the first grade school in the country to receive a Level III accreditation from the PAASCU.[14]

The curriculum for the LSGH-GS focuses on basic elementary education, in which Language(English), Filipino, Christian Living, Science, Art, Music, Computer, and Arithmetic are introduced in Kindergarten 1 and 2. Language Arts, Science, Filipino, Music, Christian Living, Reading, Mathematics, Araling Panlipunan (Grade 2-6). (taught in English in Grade 6 and Physical Education are taught in Grades 1–6. Students from Grade 6-8 get to pick their Friday Club from a list of hundreds of clubs.[16]

High school[edit]

The La Salle Green Hills High School (LSGH-HS) is a Catholic secondary school for males. Its entire department is located within the St. Brother Mutien Marie FSC building aside from the Arts and Technology classrooms which are located at the St. Benilde Gym's mezzanine, and the top floors of the St. Joseph the Worker building and Central House. Its principal is Br. Richie Yap, FSC

The curriculum of the LSGH-HS focuses mainly on college preparatory education in which English (Grammar, Literature, Rhetoric and Reading), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Christian Living, and Filipino make up the academic subjects while Arts and Technology (includes Electronics, Basic Accounting, Music, Drafting, Integrated Arts, Culinary Arts and Automotive), Computer, and Physical Education and Health, Mandarin and Robotics make up the co-curricular subjects which are all taught through Grade 7 to 9, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year High School.[17] The majority of graduates from the LSGH-HS move on to study college at De La Salle University, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, and Ateneo de Manila University.[18]


The school is situated on a six-hectare campus fronting Ortigas Avenue, across from Wack-Wack Village and golf course.

St. Benilde Gym, Baseball field, and Track Oval

St. Benilde Gym/cafeteria[edit]

Probably the most well-known building on the school grounds, construction of the dome-shaped structure began in 1967.[19] It houses the main basketball courts on the second floor and the cafeteria on the ground floor. It is used every six years for presidential election ballot counting by NAMFREL.[20] The mezzanine houses most of the Computer and Arts & Technology, Drafting and Cooking classrooms of the La Salle Green Hills High School.

Photo by: Anya Ang (2011)

Classroom buildings[edit]

  • Saint La Salle Building

Houses the Learning Community Three (Grades 6), some computer labs and many special classrooms, the grades 2, 5 and 6 art and music rooms, the annex library, the accounting office, the Presidents' Office and the other canteen (Zaide).[21]

The 3rd floor of the St. La Salle Building houses one of the four campuses of the De La Salle University Manila Ramon V. del Rosario Sr. Graduate School of Business, of which LSGH is designated as the "Ortigas campus".[22]

  • Brother Arnold Reche FSC Building

Houses all of the Grade 11 and 12 classrooms. It also houses the Quadrangle, which is the school's garden. It has a library, chapel, clinic, the Senior High School guidance counselor's offices, some computer labs, the Grade 7 and 8 artroom, the Senior High School's prefect offices and a staircase to the Father Martinez Activity Center, or FMAC.[21]

  • Saint Brother Miguel Febres Cordero FSC Building

The building is located behind the St. La Salle Main Building, and houses the Grades 1,2,3,4,5 and some of the grade 6 classrooms and the Grade School Principal's office. It houses two music rooms, two activity rooms, a rehearsal room, and the LC3 Prefect's office. The basement floor of the building accommodates the SPDO, SCO, The Archives, the conference room, GS Registrar and the Table Tennis courts. In the middle of it is called the Quadrangle 2[21]

  • Saint Brother Mutien Marie FSC Building

The Saint Mutien Marie Building, or the High School Building, houses the entire Junior High School Department of LSGH, from classrooms to the administration offices. The classrooms are organized with each year level occupying one level starting with the 7th on the second floor. The ground floor comprises the HS library, offices and the HS chapel.[19]

  • St. Joseph the Worker Building

The St. Joseph the Worker Building houses the students and faculty of the Kindergarten department, and is divided into the Kinder 1 building and the Grade 1 building. The Kindergarten playground is also situated here.

Other buildings[edit]

  • Central House

This was the first building in 1959. It was here that the first classes of LSGH were held. Today, it is the residence of the FSC Brothers of LSGH, this is more commonly known to the students as the "Brothers' House." It is usually off-limits to all students except for the HS Science Laboratories on the fourth floor.

  • Brother Rafael S. Donato FSC Center for the Performing Arts

The Brother Rafael S. Donato FSC Center for the Performing Arts (Br. Donato Center) is the home of both the grade school and high school theater arts departments of La Salle Green Hills. The former St. Joseph's Auditorium (SJA) underwent a complete renovation in 2004 and was renamed as the St. Joseph's Theater (SJT to the students). It was then dedicated on March 2007 to Brother Rafael Donato FSC, who died in Bagac, Bataan, on November 2, 2006, 2 weeks after his 50th anniversary as a De La Salle Brother. It has orchestra and balcony sections which can accommodate 628 persons and its newly installed lighting and sound systems make it the best-equipped medium-sized performing arts venue within the San Juan and Mandaluyong-Ortigas area.[23]

This has also been the venue of productions by the Grade School's Junior Actors' Guild and the High School's Cue Drama Club.[24] Cue Drama stages productions every year.

Sporting areas[edit]

The Brother Gilbert Cotter Field with the Steel Car Park (right)
Swimming Pool with Ortigas Avenue skyline in the background

The St. Benilde Gymnasium, although called a gym, does not house an actual gym (unlike the one in the Father Martinez Activity Center, or FMAC),[25] but houses basketball games and practices.

The other gym is the Father Martinez Activity Center (FMAC). It is named after LSGH's rector in the late 1990s.b[›] It has 4 basketball courts, one full court made of Taraflex and the other three are convertible to volleyball/ badminton /table tennis courts, the Weights room,[25] and a wall climbing facility.

La Salle Green Hills also has a full-sized football field, named after Brother Gilbert Cotter, FSC, an American De La Salle Brother who used to handle LSGH and was closely tied to football.[26] This is where football matches are held (mostly by the school's varsity team) as well as field demonstrations in school festivities.

Other facilities include the Track Oval, Baseball diamond, Beach Volleyball court, Lawn Tennis Court, Swimming pool, Wall climbing facility, Table tennis room and a Golf Driving Cage.


  • Main Library

The Main Library of LSGH is located in the quadrangle area located at the Br. Arnold Reche Building. It has the Filipiniana section, Easy Reading, Cyberquest, Reference and Fictional and Non-Fictional sections. Its facilities include internet and printing.[27]

  • Annex Library

The Annex Library is located in the St. La Salle Building Annex and is used mainly by Grades 5–7 and is off-limits to the lower grades(Grades1-4). It has most of the services of the Main Library but no longer includes the Easy Reading Section.[27]

  • High School Library

The High School library is located on the ground floor of the High School Building and is used only by the High School. It has the same services as the Annex Library but also includes the Leisure Reading area where comics and digests can be found. It is the biggest library in the campus. The GHArchives (Green Hills Archives) and the HS Audio – Visual Center, and ANHS collection are also housed in this library.[27]

Spiritual activities and development facilities[edit]

Since La Salle Green Hills is a school dedicated to the formation of Christian gentlemen, the school has provided facilities for the spiritual activities and development of its students.

La Salle Green Hills has two chapels, the St. La Salle Chapel, and the High School Chapel, and one shrine, the National Shrine of the Divine Child.

The National Shrine of the Divine Child, or the NSDC is where wakes are held (for deceased faculty, alumni, brothers, etc.). The shrine also serves Sunday masses. This is also where the Grade 2 classes have their First Holy Communion every December–February. The NSDC is the place where ZTE scandal witness Jun Lozada held a press conference concerning the scandal.[28][29]

Large community gatherings such as the community mass are held at the gym.[30]

Retreat House complex[edit]

The Retreat House is situated behind the Kinder One building. It can house two simultaneous class recollections.c[›] The two-story building has identical facilities on both floors: Conference room which can be converted to a chapel, dining hall, kitchen, dormitory, showers, and lavatories. The dormitories are furnished with bunk beds which can accommodate a class of about 55 (full) and is air-conditioned.


Performing arts[edit]

LSGH holds plays, concerts and activity days in each grade level (where students recite short stories and poems, and give speeches in English and Filipino). Most of these events are held at the now Bro. Rafael Donato Center for the Performing Arts, or in the old St. Joseph's Auditorium (the name of the Bro. Donato Center before renovation).

La Salle Green Hills has clubs for those who want to partake in plays, the Junior Actor's Guild (JAG) in the Grade School and the Cue Drama Club in High School. These clubs hold about 3 plays per year and are held in the Bro. Donato Center.

The Kundirana[edit]


The school is also home to The Kundirana, one of the most notable and distinct performing groups in The Philippines, which is a music ministry composed of about 8–15 high school students in their junior or senior year. The Kundirana has performed several renowned concerts since its establishment in the 1970s. Being winners of a few Aliw Awards throughout their time, The Kundirana also holds the distinction of being the most famous high school singing group in the Philippines. Notable alumni include award-winning Filipino artists such as Gary Valenciano, Ogie Alcasid, Randy Santiago, Monet Silvestre, Rannie Raymundo, Dingdong Avanzado, Dingdong Eduque, Montet Acoymo, Juan Miguel Salvador, Carlo Orosa, Vince Alaras, Von de Guzman and Gian Magdangal of Philippine Idol, Louie Ocampo, Mel Villena, Mon Faustino, Tats Faustino, Rowell Santiago, Manuel Lahoz, Mikoy Morales, Chito Genito, Manny Pagsuyuin (ex-Campus Radio WLS-FM DJ Jimmy Jam now with Retro 105.9 DCG-FM), Joel Salud, Dennis Buenaventura, Dennis Barot and the notable singing groups of the "TUX" and "Men and Music". They are La Salle's ambassadors of goodwill, not only for representing LSGH and the whole De La Salle - Philippines, but also the country during their numerous concert tours abroad.

The group performs several concerts aiming to raise funds to contribute to various Philippine charities such as the bahay pag-asa, and other charities spearheaded by the Lasallian brothers.

The group celebrated their 40th anniversary November 2011 with a grand reunion concert held at CCP led by Ogie Alcasid entitled: KUNDIRANA KWARENTA NA: the men, the music, the ministry featuring several alumni and the then current batch, Kundirana 2012.[31]


Among the performing arts clubs of LSGH, possibly one of the most popular is the LSGH Airforce, the school's representatives for the field of Streetdance. Separated from the LSGH Dance Club (now, Junior Airforce) (which is more for in-school dance lovers), Airforce has been in existence for more than six years. Existing on de facto recognition, Airforce has risen in prominence in numerous dance competitions. They consist of hand-picked students from the LSGH High School, selected through tryouts. They reached and placed first in the finals of the Skechers Streetdance Battle Year 6 and Year 8, possibly the most famous dance competition in the Philippines.[32] In recent years, Airforce has won in various competitions such as, securing the four-peat championship in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively, in the National Dance Championship "Senior Mixed Hip Hop Division", becoming the first team to do so. LSGH Airforce celebrated their 10-year anniversary in 2018. Most of the alumni have continued and strived in different college teams and international teams, making Airforce one of the most prominent high school teams in the Philippines.


LS Greenies logo.png

The La Salle Green Hills varsity team is named the La Salle Greenies. The name is also used when representing the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Blazers in the NCAA as their junior counterpart, contrary to popular perception that they are Junior Blazers. They were also the juniors representative of the De La Salle Green Archers in the NCAA from 1968 to 1981.[33] La Salle Green Hills' former varsity name were the La Salle Green Hills Rangers.[34] There are several claims as to where the moniker was taken from.[35]

In the NCAA, the Greenies have won 12 Juniors General Championships, eight with DLSU and four with DLS-CSB.[36]

Participation in major collegiate leagues
Years League[37] General Championships[38] Senior team
1968–1981 NCAA 8 De La Salle Green Archers
1998–present NCAA 4 Saint Benilde Blazers

La Salle Green Hills due to its ties with the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in the NCAA, uses the cheers of Benilde in the NCAA, but since LSGH being a La Salle school altogether, uses the cheers of De La Salle University outside the NCAA.d[›]


In the 1980s, the LSGH-HS dissolved its Debate and Argumentation elective. Hence, there came increasing demand for students interested in the field. Therefore, the school established the Debate Club and the Forensics Guild.[39] The two organizations were independent from each other and used different rooms for training. The Forensics Guild used the then Saint Joseph's Auditorium while the Debate Club used the High School's Maria Pilapil Hall.[40] Both competed in various competitions in Metro Manila, sometimes meeting each other. Most prominent during this period was the Volvo Voice of Democracy.[41] (This was the stage where LSGH alumnus, Hilarion "Ronnie" Henares III, won the prestigious competition in 1967[42] and where another alumnus, Christian Earl Castañeda, was second runner-up in 2009[43]) However, since SY 2008–2009, LSGH's Student Affairs Central Body took over participation in this contest.

After 2004, the school felt a need to merge both organizations. This was because the members were at a decline and they both had the same objectives and purpose. So they established Club Rhetorique.[44] At the same time they created the Rhetoric elective for sophomore students.[45] Feeling the need for a more competitive debate institution, LSGH-HS's English Department and students from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde established the La Salle Debate Team (LSDT) in the SY 2005–2006. The team has autonomy from rules of normal clubs and societies in LSGH and is officially under the Principal's Office, rather than under the Student Activities Coordinator.

The LSDT trained under members of the DLS-CSB debate society from 2005 to 2007 and then under members of the De La Salle University debate society from 2008 to today.[46] The LSDT has gone on to be Quarter-finalists at the 2008 National Asians High School Debate Championship[47] won the Ana Alano Cup at the 2008 and 2012 Philippine Schools Debate Championship and semi finalist in the same tournament in 2009 and 2010, and quarter-finalist in 2011 as well as advanced to the semi finals of the Asian Schools Debate Championship

Adult Night High School[edit]

The LSGH Adult Night High School (ANHS) was established by the Christian Brothers, in the mid 1970s to provide free, quality Lasallian education to the marginalized, the academic scholarships were not only provided for financially challenged students, but also gave assistance to several physically disabled scholars through the LSGH Deaf Learners Program.[48] The program teaches its scholars various vocational courses that would provide skills that empowered them to earn a source of livelihood for themselves. Most of the LSGH-ANHS scholars are post-teen years working students aged from 19 to 65 years who have a genuine desire to continue and finish their high school education and eventually pursue a college education later on in a Lasallian college. Their classes are held at the High School Building, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. after the regular students classes.[48]

School emblem[edit]

The LSGH shield is quartered by the Holy Cross of Jesus. On the upper left, the three broken chevrons are as in the coat of arms of the De La Salle family representing the name of the school La Salle. The upper right contains the five-point Signum Fidei Star with rays, the Sign of Faith, from the 350 year old seal of the Brothers of the Christian Schools who govern the school. The lower left portion contains a section of the Philippine flag signifying loyalty to the country. The lower right, with its hill represented in green is for Green Hills, and the monument to signify Rizal Province, localizes the location of the school.[49][50]

The shield is topped with the helmet and breastplate. The salvation of souls is the uppermost aim of the school, hence the "Helmet of Salvation" and the "Breastplate of Integrity" signify the primary objective. LSGH's motto - "To God, through faith, virtue and culture" further emphasizes that the school offers all to the greater honor and glory of God. In green and white in classical design, the name and place of the school surround the shield.[50]

Notable alumni[edit]


^ a: The LSGH varsity team La Salle Greenies was taken from the, now defunct, De La Salle High School's varsity team De La Salle Greenies. Hence, the Green Archer, which was also the old mascot, is still the moniker of LSGH. (See Ateneo – La Salle rivalry for more information.)[7]
^ b: As depicted on a plaque on the entrance of FMAC.
^ c: One class in the 1st floor, Another in the 2nd floor, thus making the Retreat House capable of handling two retreats at once.
^ d: Both variations of cheers are taught to the High School in Physical Education & Health (PE).


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