La Salle School, Klang

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La Salle School Klang
also, SK La Salle Klang
and, SMK La Salle Klang
La Salle School Klang Logo.jpg
La Salle School Klang Logo
Persiaran Raja Muda Musa 41200 Klang,

Coordinates 3°1'57"N 101°26'17"E.
Type National Primary School and National Secondary School
Motto Lux Luceat Vobis (Let Your Light Shine)(Sinarkanlah Cahayamu)
Established 1940
School district Klang
Principal Lim Leong Chye (Primary)
Loh Kea Yu (Secondary)
Grades Standard One - Standard Six
Form One - Form 5
Enrollment 400+ (Primary)
1000+ (Secondary)
Colour(s) Green, Yellow, White, Red
Affiliation La Sallian Educational Institutions
Yearbook Evolution (2014) (secondary school)

La Salle School, Klang is a boys' mission school in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. It is located at Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Klang and neighbours three other schools: Hin Hua High School (Private), SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, and SK (1)&(2) Simpang lima.[1]


La Salle School, Klang is one of the oldest schools in Klang. It was established by the Roman Catholic Church in 1940 to provide education for Malayan boys regardless of race and religious affiliation. It is one of 26 De La Salle mission schools in Malaysia. Although commonly known as the La Salle School, it is actually made up of a primary school and a secondary school that are administered separately. The primary and secondary schools were administered as a single unit until 1964.[2]

Rev. Father Louis Guittart of France was the first principal of the school. The school was originally known as St. Bernadette's School but was renamed La Salle Institution in 1950 when the school was placed under the administration of the De La Salle Brothers, a teaching congregation with schools and universities across the world. In 1952, the school was renamed La Salle School. Today, the primary school is formally known in Malay as Sekolah Kebangsaan La Salle and the secondary school is formally known as Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan La Salle. They are now both national schools administered by the Malaysian Ministry of Education but remain under the ownership of the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur which appoints members of the school's Board of Governors.[3]

The school was headed by a Brother Director of the De La Salle Brothers until 1989 when Mr. Rex C.C. Michael became the first principal not of consecrated life. The last Brother Director to serve the school was the Rev. Bro. Michael Wong FSC. The students and alumni of La Salle School, Klang call themselves 'Lasallians'. The school motto, 'Lux Luceat Vobis' is Latin for 'let your light shine' (Matthew 5:16). The school anthem is "All Through Our Classes" while "Hail Alma Mater" is used as the prefects' anthem. The school sports houses are Celestine, Harold, Leo, Edmund and Philip. Alumni of the school are represented by the Old Lasallian Association of Klang (OLAK). It has a hockey team (OLAK-Klang PTK) that competes in the Second Division of the Malaysia Junior Hockey League.[4]

The Secondary School[edit]

School Identity[edit]

School Rally[edit]

All through our classes

a voice is resounding

Promptly respond to your

duty's sweet call

Hearken you all for the

trumpet is sounding

Your Mater's proclaiming her

watchword to all

Forward her children dear,

ever with hearts sincere

Render with joy to your Mater her due

All that is vile reject,

Heaven will e'er protect

Sons of St. La Salle, valiant and true

Cheer Cheer[edit]

Cheer, cheer and courage display,

All you La Sallians join in the fray!

Send a volley of cheers on high,

Shake down the thunder from the sky.

What though the odds be great or small,

We all La Sallians win over all,

While her loyal sons are marching

Onward to victory.

Rise, boys and loudly proclaim

That you will never sully her name!

Let the hills and woodlands ring,

Lift up your hearts and loudly sing.

What though the way be rough or steep,

We unto virtue's summons will keep;

And if e'er our country needs us,

Loyal and true we'll be.

Hail Alma Mater[edit]

Hail, Hail Alma Mater,

Hail to De La Salle!

We'll hold your banner high and bright,

A shield of green and white,

We'll fight to keep your glory bright,

And never shall we fail,

Hail to thee our Alma Mater!

Hail! Hail! Hail!


Year service began Year service ended Name of Principal
1940 1947 Rev. Fr. L. Guittart
1947 1951 Rev. Fr. John Edmund
1952 1957 Rev. Bro. Stephen Phillip
1958 1963 Rev. Bro. Leo Manicasami
1964 1964 Rev. Bro. Celestine Jennings
1965 1967 Rev. Bro. John Mathew Neo
1968 1976 Rev. Bro. Harold Reynolds
1977 1982 Rev. Bro. Cassian Pappu
1983 1985 Rev. Bro. David Liao
1986 1988 Rev. Bro. Michael Wong
1989 1993 Mr. Rex C.C. Michael
1993 1994 Madam K. Sadasivam
1995 1998 Mr. Shum Kwok Hong
1998 2003 Madam Zainon Kasim
2003 2006 Madam Hasimah Karim
2006 2010 Madam Lee Lily
2010 2012 Pn. Hajah Adliyah Ramli
2012 2014 Pn. Ding Sooi Chong
2015 Present En. Loh Kea Yu


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