La Semaine de Suzette

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La Semaine de Suzette
Categories Girl's magazine
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Gautier & Languereau
Founder Henri Gautier
First issue 2 February 1905
Final issue 25 August 1960
Country France
Language French

La Semaine de Suzette was a French magazine aimed at girls, which appeared from 1905 until 1960. It contained early comics like Bécassine.


La Semaine de Suzette (Suzette's Week) started in 1905[1] as a magazine aimed at conservative, Catholic French girls, published by Gautier & Languereau. The founder was Henri Gautier.[1] It contained stories and comics, but also patterns for doll clothes, e.g. for the magazine's mascotte Bleuette.[2] Readers were mainly Catholic middle class girls aged between 8 and 18.[1]

La Semaine de Suzette was published weekly on Thursdays.[1] The first issue appeared on 2 February 1905, and the last on 25 August 1960, with a break during World War II from 6 June 1940 until 30 May 1946.[3]

Many of the text stories which appeared in La Semaine de Suzette were later republished in the Bibliothèque de Suzette (Suzette's Library), which existed between 1919 and 1965.[3]


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