The Devil's Daughter (1991 film)

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The Devil's Daughter
The Devil's Daughter (1991 film).jpg
Directed by Michele Soavi
Produced by Dario Argento
Written by Dario Argento
Michele Soavi
Gianni Romoli
Starring Kelly Curtis
Herbert Lom
Tomas Arana
Dario Casalini
Music by Pino Donaggio
Cinematography Raffaele Mertes
Edited by Franco Fraticelli
Distributed by Penta Films (Italy)
Republic Pictures Home Video (US)
Release date
  • 1991 (1991)
Running time
116 minutes
Language English/Italian
Budget $2,000,00 est.

The Devil's Daughter (Italian title: La Setta), also known as The Sect and Demons 4, is a 1991 Italian horror film co-written and produced by Dario Argento and directed by Michele Soavi. The film stars Kelly Curtis and Herbert Lom.[1]


Following a 1970s-set prologue, the film takes place in present-day Frankfurt, Germany. Miriam Kreisl (Kelly Curtis) is a young schoolteacher who narrowly misses running down with her car an old man carrying a box. Reluctantly, she takes in Moebius Kelly (Herbert Lom), the mysterious old man. What she doesn't know is that their meeting is no accident. Moebius is the elder of a Satanic sect and she has been chosen to give birth to the son of Satan.



The film was shown under the title The Sect at the 1991 Toronto Festival of Festivals as part of their Midnight Madness screening.[2]


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