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La Sierra High School
4145 La Sierra Avenue
Riverside, California, 92505
United States
Coordinates 33°54′33″N 117°28′45″W / 33.90927°N 117.47919°W / 33.90927; -117.47919Coordinates: 33°54′33″N 117°28′45″W / 33.90927°N 117.47919°W / 33.90927; -117.47919
Type Public
Motto "Soaring high with pride."
Established 1969
Principal Errol Garnett
Color(s) Navy and White         
Mascot Eagle

La Sierra High School, located in Riverside, California, United States, is a public high school in the Alvord Unified School District that was founded on August 28, 1969. Errol Garnett is the principal. La Sierra High School's official school colors are navy blue and white. Red is the accent color and has been since the school opened.

The two main feeder schools for La Sierra High are Arizona Intermediate and Villegas Intermediate schools. La Sierra's rivals are Norte Vista High School and Hillcrest High School (Riverside, California), the other public high schools in Alvord Unified.


La Sierra High School opened in 1969 with William Conlon as the first principal. It was a mainly white middle-class school with only about 1500 students. Arizona Middle School was the only feeder middle school at the time.

After Conlon left for a position at the district office, Menzia (who came from Norte Vista) became the second principal. After retiring, Marc Jackson became principal. After only two years, he left and interim principals were put into place. Don Austin became the next principal and has since moved on to Laguna Beach High School.

Some other changes include student demographics. Although the majority of La Sierra students are still middle-class, 27% use free/reduced price lunch. 55% of the students are Hispanic, making up the majority of English-Learners.

Recent events[edit]

In 2005, La Sierra High School was awarded a 6-year clear accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, making La Sierra High the first comprehensive high school in the entire Inland Empire to earn this distinction.

As of the 2007-2008 school year, approximately 3200 students attend La Sierra High.

Hillcrest High School opened in the Fall of 2012 to relieve crowding at La Sierra.

La Sierra won the Boys State Team Track title in June 2009. It was the first Boys Team Track title in Riverside County History.

Academics and test scores[edit]

Test scores[edit]


As of 2005, La Sierra High School has increased its API to 715 from the 2004 base score of 679. Although it met the schoolwide growth target, it did not meet the state subgroup growth targets. To encourage schools to improve achievement for all students, the state computes APIs and sets improvement targets for the different student subgroups at the school.

2005 API Base by Subgroup
Subgroup API Base
All Students 715
African-American 690
Asian 791
Hispanic 676
White/Caucasian 761
English Learners 648
Special Education 487

CST results[edit]

As of 2005, La Sierra's students met or exceeded the state expectations on the California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) as listed below:[1]

Subject Freshmen Pass rate (%) Sophomore Pass rate (%) Junior Pass rate (%)
Algebra 1 4 2 3
Algebra 2 80 24 6
Biology / Life Sciences 20 14 12
Chemistry -- 22 12
Earth Sciences 5 20 19
English 39 32 30
Geometry 46 10 6
World History -- 29 --
U.S. History -- -- 39

CAHSEE results[edit]

All data below reflect the percentage of sophomore, junior, and senior students who passed the CAHSEE sections.

Year Percent Passed
2002 65
2003 67
2004 71
2005 65
2006 61
Year Percent Passed
2002 24
2003 40
2004 70
2005 67
2006 91


La Sierra is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) River Valley League along with Hillcrest High School, Jurupa Valley High School, Norte Vista High School, Patriot High School and Ramona High School.


Category Total # of Teachers[3]
La Sierra 120
District 899
County 18,164
State 307,864
Type of Credential Teachers (State) Teachers (LSHS)
Full 307,864 (94.2%) 114 (95.0%)
University Intern 7,668 (2.5%) 3 (2.5%)
District Intern 2,690 (0.9%) 2 (1.7%)
Pre-Intern 1,150 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%)
Emergency 9,922 (3.2%) 1 (0.8%)
Waiver 1,298 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%)

According to the California Department of Education, the teachers at La Sierra have 11.1 average teaching experience and have spent an average of 10 years teaching in the Alvord Unified School District (as of 2005-2006 school year). The average class size is ~ 34.

Notable alumni[edit]


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