La Société Expéditionnaire

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La Société Expéditionnaire
La Société Expéditionnaire logo.jpg
Founded 2006
Country of origin United States
Official website

La Société Expéditionnaire is a Pennsylvania - based independent record label established in 2006 by Lewis & Clarke's Lou Rogai. On previous Lewis & Clarke albums, the liner notes contained a contact address for "The Expeditionary Society", a nod to the exploratory reference of Lewis & Clarke. This phrase was also taped to the door of Rogai's studio in Delaware Water Gap, PA. An intoxicated French Appalachian Trail through-hiker mistakenly stumbled into the practice room, thinking it was the local hostel, and exclaimed "La Société Expéditionnaire!".

The first official release was a split 7" record by Strand of Oaks and Dragon Turtle. It marked the first of many working collaborations between Rogai and Dragon Turtle's Tom Asselin (audio engineer) and Brian Lightbody (graphic designer).[1]


La Société Expéditionnaire is an independent record label which provides a framework of production, promotion and distribution for musicians and artists. The goal is to uncover and expose the "hidden gems" of wild, fragile and obscure music.

Artists who have released material on La Société Expéditionnaire[edit]