La Tasca

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La Tasca
Restaurant chain
Industry Hospitality
Founded 1993
Headquarters Kidlington, Oxfordshire
Area served
Key people
David Myers
Simon Wilkinson
Chief Executive
Parent La Tasca Holdings Ltd
Website La Tasca

La Tasca Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant (La Tasca) is a chain of restaurants in the UK that serve Spanish style Tapas dishes. There are also outlets in the US that trade under La Tasca Kitchens.


La Tasca was founded in 1993 by Neil Gatt.[1] As of 2013 there are 39 outlets across the UK.[2] The chain was bought by the Bay Restaurant Group in 2007 (then the Laurel Pub Company) for £123m. In 2011, it became a standalone business La Tasca Holdings Ltd.[3]

In October 2012, La Tasca began a partnership with the Gourmet Society, offering their members discounts on production of a Gourmet Society restaurant discount card.

As of July 2016 only 12 outlets remained open.[4]


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