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Casual Dining Group
HeadquartersLondon, England
Area served
United Kingdom
Key people
Rooney Anand, Non-Executive Chairman
James Spragg, CEO
Giles David, CFO,
ProductsBella Italia, Café Rouge, Belgo, Las Iguanas, La Tasca, Oriel Grande Brasserie, Huxleys, La Salle
Number of employees

Casual Dining Group (CDG) operates over 300 restaurants in the UK, located from Aberdeen to Plymouth. CDG operates restaurants primarily under the Bella Italia, Café Rouge and Las Iguanas names. It also operates sites under the Belgo, Huxleys, La Tasca, Oriel Grande Brasserie and La Salle brands.

The business, and its restaurant brands, have operated under several different owners. Some of the company’s restaurant estate operated as part of Tragus Group, before becoming part of Casual Dining Group in July 2014.

Following the creation of CDG, the company has embarked on an investment programme. In July 2015, CDG acquired Las Iguanas[1] and later went on to purchase La Tasca.[2] Shortly before these purchases, the group sold Strada to Sun Capital Partners.[3]

The group has established an international operation with a number of franchise partners in the Middle East,[4] and more than 50 restaurants are set to open under such partnerships.

The company is backed by a consortium of investors, including funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management (LLC) and York Capital.


Casual Dining Group, which was formerly known as Tragus Holding, was formed in 2002[5] when Whitbread sold-off 153 restaurants from its Pelican and BrightReasons divisions. At the time, the two restaurant divisions comprised the Café Rouge, Bella Pasta, Mamma Amalfi, Abbaye, Leadenhall Wine Bar and Oriel brands.

A £25m[6] management buy-in by Tragus Holdings was funded by £11m from venture capitalist speculators ECI group.

In January 2005, Tragus' directors sold the company to Legal & General Ventures for £90m-£95m.[7]

In December 2006, Tragus was bought by Blackstone Group for £267m. By that time, the business had grown to 163 restaurants.[8]

The group expanded rapidly in 2007 with the purchases of Ma Potters restaurant-company and the Strada chain- which included five Belgo and Bierodrome restaurants.[9]

It also signed a deal with Center Parcs in 2007 to operate a number of restaurants in the leisure village operator's UK sites and announced plans for a new restaurant concept - Huxley's Bar & Kitchen – which opened in the new Heathrow Terminal 5 in March 2008.[10]

In 2014, Tragus Holdings rebranded as Casual Dining Group and in 2015 bought the Las Iguanas[1] and La Tasca[2] restaurant businesses.


The creation of CDG saw the group open 70 new restaurants in a 24-month period. In addition, significant investment has been made in upgrading its 160 existing restaurants. Many of these restaurants were inviable, leading to heavy losses and closures of restaurants from 2014,[11] that have continued until 2018.[12][13]

CDG has opened a number of concessions across the UK including Bella Italia, Café Rouge and Las Iguanas restaurants at Centre Parcs villages,[14] and in UK airports, including Gatwick, Heathrow, Jersey, and Inverness.[15]

CDG has prioritized international expansion[16] – with a focus on the Middle East and Asia – by establishing franchise agreements with operating partners. Openings include a Café Rouge in Dubai (2015), and a Bella Italia in New Delhi (2016). The group will open restaurants in Saudi Arabia in partnership with Riyadh-based retail and leisure conglomerate Fawaz Alhokair Group.[4]

CDG now has agreements in place that will see more than 50 restaurants open across territories in the Middle East and Asia, with the aim of concluding agreements in 2017 that will deliver 100 restaurants.[citation needed]


CDG operates restaurants under the Bella Italia (100+ restaurants in the UK)[17], Café Rouge (70+)[18] and Las Iguanas names. It also operates sites under the Belgo (6, London and Nottingham), Huxleys (1, airport)[19], La Tasca (7) , Oriel Grande Brasserie (3, airports) , DUBL (1, airport) and La Salle brands.

La Tasca[edit]

La Tasca Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant (La Tasca) is a chain of restaurants in the UK that serve Spanish style Tapas dishes.[2][20] There are also outlets in the US that trade under La Tasca Kitchens.

La Tasca was founded in 1993 in Manchester by Neil Gatt.[21] In 2013 there were 39 outlets across the UK.[22] The chain was bought by the Bay Restaurant Group in 2007 (then the Laurel Pub Company) for £123m. In 2011, it became a standalone business La Tasca Holdings Ltd.[23]

In October 2012, La Tasca began a partnership with the Gourmet Society, offering their members discounts on production of the discount card.

In July 2015, Casual Dining Group acquired La Tasca.[24][25]

As of June 2019 only 3 restaurants remained open.[26]

Social responsibility[edit]

CDG claims to emphasize corporate social responsibility practices.[27] It reduced its energy consumption by 17% from 2012 to 2016,[28] and has a partnership with The Prince's Trust charity.[29]

Some CDG brands rank highly for seafood sustainability (within their class),[30]

All whole eggs sourced by the company for its kitchens are free range together with eggs used as ingredients for sauces and pasta. In partnership with Compassion in World Farming, CDG say they will transition the remainder of eggs used as ingredients to free range systems, and will make every endeavour to achieve this well ahead of the 2025 target.[31]

CDG has a partnership with Fareshare[32] to redistribute food that was going to waste to people in need instead.


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