Tosa d'Alp

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Tosa d'Alp
Tossa alp puigllançada.JPG
Highest point
Elevation 2,587 m (8,488 ft)
Listing List of mountains in Catalonia
Coordinates 42°19′18.02″N 1°53′37.75″E / 42.3216722°N 1.8938194°E / 42.3216722; 1.8938194Coordinates: 42°19′18.02″N 1°53′37.75″E / 42.3216722°N 1.8938194°E / 42.3216722; 1.8938194
Location Baixa Cerdanya
Parent range Pyrenees
Easiest route Climb

Tosa d'Alp or La Tosa is a 2,587 metre high mountain in Baixa Cerdanya in the Spanish Pyrenees.[1] The Coll de Pal is a mountain pass that separates its eastern part from the Puigllançada. This mountain forms a quadripoint where the Alp, Urús, Das and Bagà municipal limits meet. There is a triangulation station (282081001) at the summit.

Part of its slopes are home to the ski resort of Masella which is part of Alp 2500.[2]


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