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La Trobe Financial
Private Limited
Industry Financial Services, Funds Management
Founded 6 August 1952
Headquarters 333 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia
Number of locations
Sydney, Melbourne, Shanghai, Hong Kong (China)
Key people
Greg O'Neill
(President & CEO)

Rowan Donohoue
(Chief Operating Officer)

Rob Clough
(Chief Financial Officer)

Randal Williams
(Chief Risk Officer)

Martin Barry
(Chief Corporate Treasurer)

Chris Andrews
(Chief Investment Officer)

Cory Bannister
(Chief Lending Officer)
Products Real Estate Credit
Fixed Interest
Funds Management
A$255million (2016 $208m)
AUM A$3.7billion (2016 $2.8b)
Number of employees
Divisions Real Estate Credit
Funds Management
Corporate Governance
Finance & IT (Fintech)

La Trobe Financial is one of Australia's leading non-bank credit specialists, operating offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Shanghai and Hong Kong [1] [2] . La Trobe Financial's Head Office is based in Melbourne and specialises in real estate credit, fixed interest investments and funds management operating Australia's largest and most awarded retail Credit Fund [3] [4] [5] [6]. The current President and CEO is Mr. Greg O'Neill.


La Trobe Financial formed in 1952 initially operated as a business partnership between Kelvin David O’Mullane and Raymond Kevin O’Neill. Attributed as one of the fastest growing building societies in Australia in the 1970s[7] it was eventually demutualised after Ray O’Neill bought out his co-founding business partner. It has since grown to become one of Australia’s leading bank independent credit specialists. Specialising in private property credit with a focus on residential and commercial mortgage assets, La Trobe Financial have been at the forefront of the industry and recognised as a competent operator,[8] [9] [10] providing a wide range of both asset management and retail investment services.


The company operates through two core entities: La Trobe Financial Services an unlisted proprietary (private) company, holder of Australian Credit Licence "ACL" 392385 [11], responsible for group administration and asset servicing, third party outsourcing services, custody services and group insurance sales, and wholesale institutional funding mandates. The second core entity is La Trobe Financial Asset Management, an unlisted public company and holder of Australian Financial Services Licence "AFSL" 222213[12], responsible for all retail investments in the La Trobe Australian Credit Fund[13] which is Australia's largest fund of its type.

Key dates and facts[edit]

Since 1952 operating institutional investment mandates of between $100m to $800m. In 2001 was appointed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ("ASIC") to take over another national operator.[14]

More than $12 billion has been managed on behalf of institutional and retail investors since the company commenced its operations. Institutional portfolios comprise long term wholesale mandates from all of Australia’s big four banks, most Australian regional banks, international banks and financial institutions without loss of mandated investor capital or interest since inception.

The groups Credit Fund accommodates both retail investors and select wholesale institutional investors; and operates under AFSL (222213) and the Corporations Act. The Credit Fund has over $1.6billion (30 June 2017) of retail investments.[15]

The company has also received many domestic and international awards. The Credit Fund's 12 Month Term Account has been voted Australia’s Best Mortgage Fund by Money Magazine for the last eight consecutive years (2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010)[16] [17]

During 2014, 2015 and 2016 La Trobe Financial received three International Finance Awards (London based) for Best Investment Management Company - Australia[18] and Best Mortgage Fund - Australasia[19]

Awarded five International Alternate Investment Review (IAIR) Global Funds Management Awards in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 presented in Hong Kong for Asset Manager of the Year - Asia Pacific (2017) and Non-Bank Lender Australia (2017).[20]

Winner 2011 Victorian Innovation in Funds Management Award – Awarded at the Melbourne Financial Services Symposium,[21] and an honourable mention in 2015 for innovation with our P2C (Parent-to-child) loan product.

Australia’s only 4 1/4 star-rated mortgage fund – SQM Research[22]

Recommended by Zenith Investment Partners - 12 Month Term Account because "it provides investors with an exposure to a diversified, Australia-wide portfolio of real estate mortgage securities" and "strong lending operations.”[23]

Lipper Leaders rated '5' for 12 Month Term Account Total Return, Consistent Returns and Preservation[24]

Rated "Very Strong" by Australian Ratings for overall "continued focus to prudently manage the Fund and foster its growth and performance to current levels, whilst preserving investor capital."[25]

Chosen in 2015 as one of fifteen (15) firms across Australia by AUSTRADE, the Australian Federal Government trade promotion body to promote Free Trade Agreements across Asia Pacific [26]

Previous chief executives[edit]

  • Kelvin David O’Mullane 1952–1972 (20 years)
  • Raymond Kevin O’Neill 1972–1997 (25 years)
  • Gregory Kevin O’Neill 1997- current (20 years)

Previous chairmans[edit]

  • Mr Kelvin O'Mullane 1952–1961 (9 years)
  • Mr Donald Cooper OA 1961–1972 (11 years)
  • Mr Pat O'Brien 1972–1980 (8 years)
  • Mr John Barton 1980–1984 (4 years)
  • Mr John Dack DFC 1984–1986 (2 years)
  • Mr Bertram Wilson 1986–1997 (11 years)
  • Mr Raymond O'Neill 1997–2007 (10 years)
  • Mr Perce Cooper 2007–2010 (3 years)
  • Mr David Bird 2010– current (7 years)


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