Estadio Pedro Marrero

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Estadio Nacional de Fútbol Pedro Marrero
Estadio Pedro Marrero.JPG
Location Cuba Havana, Cuba
Coordinates 23°06′26″N 82°24′47″W / 23.107251°N 82.412918°W / 23.107251; -82.412918
Capacity 30,000 [1]
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Manual (non-electric)
Built 1929

Estadio Nacional de Fútbol Pedro Marrero, the home of CF Ciudad de La Habana, is a multi-purpose stadium in Havana, Cuba. It is now used primarily for football matches. The stadium holds 30,000 and was built in 1929.


Originally named Gran Stadium Cervecería Tropical (or familiarly, La Tropical), it hosted the 1937 Bacardi Bowl and many Cuban League baseball games. After the revolution, it was renamed for Pedro Marrero, a young man who died in the attack on the Moncada Barracks.[2]


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