La Turista

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La Turista
Written bySam Shepard
  • Salem
  • Kent
  • Boy
  • Doctor
  • Son
  • Doc
  • Sonny
Date premiered4 March 1967[1]
Place premieredAmerican Place Theatre, New York City.[2]
Original languageEnglish
SettingHotel rooms in Mexico and in the US

La Turista is a play by the American playwright Sam Shepard,[3] first performed at American Place Theatre, New York City in 1967, directed by Jacques Levy.[4] The title refers to the most common illness among tourists. The two main characters are Salem and Kent, which are also the names of brands of cigarettes. It is a two-act dramatic play. The first act takes place in Mexico, and the second in the United States. Some see this play as a reference to the Vietnam war.

Production history[edit]

La Turista was first performed at the American Place Theatre in New York City, on March 4, 1967. The cast was as follows:


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