La Turista

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La Turista
Written by Sam Shepard
  • Salem
  • Kent
  • Boy
  • Doctor
  • Son
  • Doc
  • Sonny
Date premiered 4 March 1967
Place premiered American Place Theatre
New York City
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting Hotel rooms in Mexico and in the US

La Turista is a play by the American playwright Sam Shepard, first performed in New York City in 1967. The title refers to the most common illness among tourists. The two main characters are Salem and Kent, which are also the names of brands of cigarettes. It is a two-act dramatic play. The first act takes place in Mexico, and the second in the United States. Some see this play as a reference to the Vietnam war.

Production history[edit]

La Turista was first performed at the American Place Theatre in New York City, on March 4, 1967. The cast was as follows: