La Venganza (Colombian telenovela)

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La Venganza
La Venganza poster.gif
Genre Romance - Action, Drama, Crime, Suspense, Mystery
Created by Humberto 'Kico' Olivieri
Developed by Caracol Televisión
RTI Colombia
Written by Humberto 'Kico' Olivieri
Luis Colmenares
Gabriela Dominguez
Carolina Diaz
Directed by Rodrigo Triana
David Posada
Tony Rodriguez
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol
Starring Gabriela Spanic
José Ángel Llamas
Catherine Siachoque
Theme music composer Carlos Ponce
Joel Someillian
Opening theme Carlos Ponce
Ending theme Carlos Ponce
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 127
Executive producer(s) Hugo León Ferrer
Producer(s) Andrés Santamaría
Lucero Venegas
Location(s) Bogota
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original network Caracol Televisión
Picture format SDTV 480i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original release November 4, 2002 – May 16, 2003

La Venganza (The Revenge), is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo, Caracol Televisión and RTI Colombia. This limited-run series ran for 127 episodes from November 4, 2002 to May 16, 2003. The soap opera was starred by Gabriela Spanic, José Ángel Llamas, and Catherine Siachoque.


On the wedding day of Luis Miguel Ariza and Elena Fontana, a sick woman in her forties and daughter of one of the two mob bosses in the Caribbean town of Matamoros, she realizes that he is involved with her sister Grazzia, Elena's heart cannot take this and she dies. The same night Valentina Diaz who is just a poor but brave woman and a boxer in illegal fights sponsored by the other mob boss: Fernando Valerugo. Valentina dies because of a huge impact on her head during the fight, so Elena mysteriously comes back to life into Valentina's body. Elena has to ask help of a medium friend of her Tobago who helps her to get her life back, but Valentina is still an employee for Fernando Valerugo, so Elena cannot stop boxing and she has to train very hard with Valentina's best friend and trainer Brenda Li just to last toe-to-toe against her opponents in every fight she participates in on behalf of Valerugo. Valentina goes to Fontana's manor as Elena's best friend and using all her knowledge about the Fontanas' family she easily gets the trust of Luis Miguel and Danilo Fontana.

Elena's plan is get even with Grazzia and Luis Miguel but soon she realizes the only responsible is her sister Grazzia, who now sees Valentina as a huge threat for her plans with Luis Miguel and the Fontanas. Grazzia plans to destroy her father by helping Fernando Valerugo so she becomes her lover. Helena while in Fontanas' Manor learns that the daughter she had more than twenty years ago with Fernando Valerugo's son Marco Tulio did not die when she was born, so she decides to find her daughter.

Valentina thinks that a young woman in Valerugo's Manor named Adoración is her daughter. Valentina's brother Paquito is in love with Adoración, but the suspicion that Adoración is the heir both Valerugos and Fontanas make her a target for Fernando's family, her wife Raquel and her son Alfredo. Raquel kidnaps Adoración in order to control the potential heir, but the truth is Adoración is daughter of Father Sebastian (Fernando's brother) so the priest release her daughter and Grazzia learns that Raquel is using her so she kills her. Then Luis Miguel that Fernando's goddaughter Giovanna might be Helena's daughter and in order to confuse the Fontanas Fernando allows them to believe she is Helena's daughter.

Valentina and Luis Miguel starts a romantic relationship, but Valentina's ex-boyfriend and Fernando Valerugo's brother-in-law makes things more complicated and Grazzia takes advantage of the fact she is pregnant with Fernando's baby to keep Luis Miguel with her. Grazzia makes a scheme to blame Valentina for poisoning her and causing a miscarriage, after this episode both Fontanas and Valerugos go after Valentina to kill her. Felipe hides Valentina making everybody believe she is dead, just to prepare her to get her place as the heir of the Fonatanas and the Valerugos. Grazzia convinces Fernando to kill Luis Miguel so she can gain the full rights over the Fontanas' wealth, Luis Miguel is left to die in a lake but Valentina gets to save him. Luis Miguel eventually escapes and he believes Valentina has cheated on him all the time, in the search of Luis Miguel, Valentina is caught by Grazzia who locks her in a basement with no food or water, and finally she orders to set the house in fire, Grazzia believes that Valentina is dead, but Valentina was taken out of the basement by Tobago's husband.

In the basement Elena (in Valentina's body) learns that Luis Miguel married her because he wanted to get back several properties that Danilo Fontana took away from his parents, and the body she owns now it is actually the body of her own daughter. Elena (Valentina) now wants to destroy all the people who made her miserable for so long, in spite of the fact she is pregnant with Luis Miguel's baby. Felipe gets several top secret documents that he uses to blackmail both Valerugos and Fontanas and he ask One Million Dollars to keep the secret. Felipe takes Valentina to Europe with Rosario and Concepcion (who already knows that Valentina is really Elena).


Actor Character Known as
Gabriela Spanic Valentina Valerugo Fontana Main heroine, boxer, daughter of Helena and Marco Tulio, in love with Luis Miguel
José Ángel Llamas Luis Miguel Ariza Main hero, in love with Helena, then Valentina
Catherine Siachoque Grazzia Fontana Main villain, daughter of Danilo, sister of Helena,
Jorge Cao Fernando Valerugo Father of Marco Tulio and Alfredo, grandfather of Valentina
Maria Elena Doehring Helena Fontana Viso de Ariza Daughter os Danilo and Concepcion, sister of Grazzia, mother of Valentina
Orlando Miguel Felipe Rangel Brother of Raquel, loves Valentina
Carlos Duplat Danilo Fontana Father of Helena and Grazzia, grandfather of Valentina
Margalida Castro Concepcion Fernandez Mother of Helena
Nury Flores Tobago Christmas Visionary, wife of Jovito
Millie Ruperto Bernardina Perez "Brenda Lee" Trainer of Valentina
Marcela Carvajal Raquel de Valerugo Wife of Fernando, sister of Felipe
Barbara Garofalo Mariangel Ariza Daughter of Luis Miguel and Ximena
Guillermo Galvez Armando Best friend of Luis Miguel
Luz Stella Luengas Yolanda "Yaya" Diaz Mother of Paquito, stepmother of Valentina
John Ceballos Rosario Paricua Bodyguard of Danilo and Helena
Pedro Rendon Francisco Jose "Paquito" Diaz Stepbrother of Valentina, in love with Adoracion
Ana Maria Abello Adoracion Valerugo Dominguez Daughter of Sebastian and Maria Teresa, in love with Paquito
Naren Daryanani Alfredo Valerugo Son of Fernando
Victor Rodriguez Jovito Matute Husband of Tobago
Yuri Perez Franky Garcia Bodyguard and assistant of Fernando
Julio del Mar Padre Sebastian Brother of Fernando, father of Adoracion
Natasha Klauss Sandra Guzmán Best friend of Grazzia
Ivette Zamora María Teresa Carballo Servant of the Valerugos', mother of Adoracion
Vanessa Simon Giovanna Alfieri Girlfriend of Armando
Carlos Barbosa Numa Pompeyo - Aurelio Santaela Husband of Yaya
Miguel Alfonso Murillo Americo Montalva / Father Cumbaya Visionary
Maria Margarita Giraldo Matilde Nurse of Concepcion
German Rojas Leonardo Michelotto Bodyguard of Danilo
Martha Lucía Pereiro María Luisa Arciniegas Lawyer and lover of Luis Miguel
Rosemary Bohórquez Clara Noyo Ex-girlfriend of Felipe
Raúl Santa Teobaldo Carmona Ex-assistant of Danilo
Laura Suarez Ximena María Benavides de Ariza Mother of Mariangel
Sebastian Boscán Marco Tulio Valerugo Son of Fernando, Father of Valentina


Country Alternate title/Translation TV network(s) Series premiere Series finale Weekly schedule Timeslot
 Azerbaijan Qisas ANS TV 2003 2003 Monday to Friday 19:00
 Colombia La Venganza Caracol Televisión 2003-2013 2003-2013 Monday to Friday In 2003 20:00 and In 2013 10:40 a.m.
 United States La Venganza Telemundo 2002 2003 Monday to Friday 21.00/20.00c.
 Romania Razbunarea Acasa TV 2002 2003 Monday to Friday
 Hungary A bosszú Sorozat+ November 7, 2011 June 1, 2012 Monday to Friday 21:00
 Bulgaria Отмъщението bTV 2003 2003 Monday to Friday 17:00
 Slovenia Maščevalka (Avenger) Prva TV/TV3 Slovenia 2006 2006 Monday to Friday
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Televizija OBN Monday to Friday
 Georgia შურისძიება Rustavi 2 March 8, 2004 August 20, 2004 Monday to Friday 19:45

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