La Yesca Dam

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La Yesca Dam
La Yesca Dam is located in Mexico
La Yesca Dam
Location of La Yesca Dam in Mexico
Official name Presa Yesca
Country Mexico
Location La Yesca
Coordinates 21°11′50″N 104°05′44″W / 21.19722°N 104.09556°W / 21.19722; -104.09556Coordinates: 21°11′50″N 104°05′44″W / 21.19722°N 104.09556°W / 21.19722; -104.09556
Purpose Power, river regulation
Status Operational
Construction began 2007
Opening date 6 November 2012
Construction cost US$768 million
Owner(s) Federal Electricity Commission
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill
Impounds Río Grande de Santiago
Height 220 m (722 ft)
Length 628 m (2,060 ft)
Elevation at crest 579 m (1,900 ft)
Dam volume 11,900,000 m3 (15,564,612 cu yd)
Spillway type Service, gate-controlled channel
Spillway capacity 15,915 m3/s (562,033 cu ft/s)
Total capacity 2,500,000,000 m3 (2,026,783 acre⋅ft)
Active capacity 1,392,000,000 m3 (1,128,513 acre⋅ft)
Catchment area 51,590 km2 (19,919 sq mi)
Surface area 33.4 km2 (13 sq mi)[1]
Normal elevation 575 m (1,886 ft)
Power Station
Commission date 2012
Type Conventional
Turbines 2 x 375 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity 750 MW
Annual generation 1,210 GWh (planned)

La Yesca Dam is an embankment dam on the Santiago River 90 km (56 mi) northwest of Guadalajara on the border of Mexico's Nayarit and Jalisco states. Construction on the dam began in 2007 after Empresas ICA was awarded the main construction contract. The dam was inaugurated by President Felipe Calderón on 6 November 2012.[2] The dam supports a 750 MW hydroelectric power station and is part of the Hydroelectric System Santiago.[3] Its construction will improve the regulation of water flow and subsequently power generation downstream at the El Cajón and Aguamilpa Dams.[4]


The La Yesca Dam is a 220 m (722 ft) tall and 628 m (2,060 ft) long concrete-face rock-fill embankment type with 11,900,000 m3 (15,564,612 cu yd) of fill. The dam's crest elevation is 579 m (1,900 ft) above sea level and it sits at the head of a 51,590 km2 (19,919 sq mi) catchment area. On the dam's left bank is a spillway controlled by six radial gates. The maximum discharge of the spillway is 15,915 m3/s (562,033 cu ft/s). The dam's reservoir has a capacity of 2,500,000,000 m3 (2,026,783 acre⋅ft) of which 1,392,000,000 m3 (1,128,513 acre⋅ft) can be used for generating electricity. The reservoir has a surface area of 33.4 km2 (13 sq mi) and a normal elevation of 575 m (1,886 ft). The power station contains two 375 MW Francis turbine generators producing an estimated annual generation of 1,210 GWh.[1]

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