La bonne cuisine de Madame E. Saint-Ange

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La bonne cuisine de Madame E. Saint-Ange
La Bonne Cuisine.jpg
AuthorMarie Ébrard (writing as E. Saint-Ange)
SubjectCulinary Arts
PublisherÉditions Larousse
Publication date
Media typebook

La bonne cuisine de Madame E. Saint-Ange is a French cookbook written by Marie Ébrard[1] under the name E. Saint-Ange and published in 1927 by Larousse. A "classic text of French home cooking",[2] it is a highly detailed work documenting the cuisine bourgeoise of early 20th century France, including technical descriptions of the kitchen equipment of the day.[3]

Before writing La bonne cuisine, the author had written a cooking column in her husband's magazine Le Pot au Feu for twenty years, and much of the content is drawn from that magazine.[3] The book was originally published as Le livre de cuisine de Madame Saint-Ange: recettes et méthodes de la bonne cuisine française; the current title was drawn from a later abridgement, and was retroactively applied to a modest updating of the original work by the publisher in the 1950s. Other editions use the title La cuisine de Madame Saint-Ange.

Many American chefs and cooking teachers working in French cuisine have cited it as a significant influence, including Madeleine Kamman, Julia Child,[1] and Chez Panisse co-founder Paul Aratow, the last of whom translated it into English.[2][4][5]

Though the book reflects the equipment and the tastes of 100 years ago, reviewers have found it useful for cooking today:

Its recipes work; the dishes they produce are delicious; the extensive advice is empowering. ...this is a book that cries out to be cooked with.[6]


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