The Divine Caste

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The Divine Caste
Directed by Julián Pastor
Written by Eduardo Luján
Starring Ignacio López Tarso
Ana Luisa Peluffo
Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
Music by Joaquín Gutiérrez Heras
Cinematography José Ortiz Ramos
Edited by José W. Bustos
Corporación Nacional Cinematográfica
Dasa Films
Release date
17 November 1977
Running time
120 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

The Divine Caste (Spanish: La casta divina) is a 1977 Mexican historical drama film directed by Julián Pastor and starring Ignacio López Tarso, Ana Luisa Peluffo and Pedro Armendáriz Jr.[1] The film is set in Yucatán around the time of the Mexican Revolution and portrays the social upheaval following General Salvador Alvarado's arrival in the area.



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