La falena (film)

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La falena
La falena 1916.jpg
Directed by Carmine Gallone
Written by Henry Bataille
Carmine Gallone
Starring Lyda Borelli
Cinematography Domenico Grimaldi
Release date
  • March 1916 (1916-03)
Country Italy
Language Silent

La falena is a 1916 silent Italian drama film directed by Carmine Gallone.[1] The film is considered to be lost, with only a fragment surviving in the film archive of the Cineteca Italiana.[2]


Thea (Borelli) is sculptor who is diagnosed with phthisis before she marries Filippo (Habay). After abandoning him, her health begins to decline. She organises a final party, inviting along her estranged husband. He fails to show, as he's now married to another woman. Thea appears naked in front of her guests, before she kills herself.



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