La grotta di Trofonio

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La grotta di Trofonio (Trofonio's Cave) is an opera, described as an opera comica, in two acts (five scenes) composed by Antonio Salieri to an Italian libretto by Giovanni Battista Casti.

The work was first performed in Vienna, Austria at the Burgtheater on October 12, 1785. [1] The similarity of the story of the opera may have influenced Lorenzo da Ponte when he wrote the libretto of Mozart's Così fan tutte.[2]


Role Voice type Premiere cast
October 12, 1785[3]
March 14, 2005
Aristone bass Francesco Bussani Olivier Lallouette
Dori, daughter of Aristone, in love with Plistene soprano Celeste Coltellini Marie Arnet
Ofelia, daughter of Aristone, in love with Artemidoro soprano Nancy Storace Raffaella Milanesi
Artemidoro tenor Vincenzo Calvesi Nikolaï Schukoff
Plistene tenor Stefano Mandini Mario Cassi
Trofonio, a magician bass Francesco Benucci Carlo Lepore


Dori and Ofelia (sisters) are in love with Plistene and Artemidoro (friends). The two pairs have contrasting personalities: Dori and Plistene are extroverted and enthusiastic, Ofelia and Artemidoro are introverted and reserved. The magician Trofonio invites them to his magic cave where their characters are reversed, first the men and then the women. Eventually everything is sorted out and there is a happy ending.


Salieri: La Grotta di Trofonio - Les Talens Lyriques and Lausanne Opera Chorus

  • Conductor: Christophe Rousset
  • Principal singers: Olivier Lallouette, Raffaella Milanesi, Marie Arnet, Nikolai Schukoff, Mario Cassi
  • Recording date: (published 2005)
  • Label: Ambroisie AMB 9986


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