La guerra se acaba –si tú quieres

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La guerra se acaba –si tú quieres (in English: War is over –if you want it) is Cuban author Ernesto Juan Castellanos’s third non-fiction book, and his first about John Lennon. The book is an approach to John Lennon’s social and political thinking, and details most of the political campaigns both in the United Kingdom and the United States that led to the harassment of the FBI, the CIA and the INS in several attempts to deport him from American soil.

The book contains a chronology of Lennon’s most important political activities and the lyrics to his most political songs.

The author has also written three other non-fiction books, Los Beatles en Cuba: Un viaje mágico y misterioso, El sargento Pimienta vino a Cuba en un submarino amarillo, and John Lennon en La Habana with a little help from my friends.

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