Daughter of Deceit

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Daughter of Deceit
La hija del engaño poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Luis Buñuel
Produced by Óscar Dancigers
Written by Luis Alcoriza
Starring Fernando Soler, Alicia Caro, Fernando Soto, Lily Aclemar
Music by Manuel Esperon
Cinematography Jose Ortiz Ramos
Release date
Running time
78 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Daughter of Deceit (Spanish: La hija del engaño) is a 1951 Mexican film. It was written by Luis Alcoriza and directed by Luis Buñuel. It is based on the farce Don Quintín, el amargao by Carlos Arniches and José Estremera.


Fernado Soler, plays Don Quintin, a man who is always having economic problems. One day he comes home to find his wife in bed with another man. He begins having doubts about the paternity of his daughter and decides to leave. Years later he decides to find her.[1]


  • Fernando Soler - Quintín Guzmán
  • Alicia Caro - Martha
  • Fernando Soto - Angelito
  • Rubén Rojo - Paco
  • Nacho Contla - Jonrón
  • Amparo Garrido - Jovita
  • Lily Aclemar - María
  • Álvaro Matute - Julio
  • Roberto Meyer - Lencho García
  • Conchita Gentil Arcos - Toña García
  • Francisco Ledesma

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