La mujer en el espejo

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La Mujer en el Espejo
La mujer en el espejo poster.jpg
Developed byTelemundo Studios
Written byConsuelo Garrido
Directed byRodolfo Hoyos
Ricardo Suárez
StarringPaola Rey
Juan Alfonso Baptista
Gabriela Vergara
Natasha Klauss
Paulo César Quevedo
Rossana Fernández Maldonado
Andrés Felipe Martínez
Kristina Lilley
Gloria Gómez
Javier Gómez
Theme music composerEdgar Amaya
Mariana Suarez
Opening themeLa mujer en el espejo by Mariana Suárez and Edgar Amaya
Country of originColombia
Original language(s)Spanish
No. of episodes151
Producer(s)Hugo León Ferrer
Editor(s)Juan Manuel Andrade
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time42-45 minutes
Original networkTelemundo (USA)
Caracol Television (Colombia)
Picture formatSDTV 480i
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original releaseDecember 23, 2004 - July 15, 2005
Preceded byPrisionera
Followed byEl Cuerpo del Deseo
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La Mujer en el Espejo (The Woman in the Mirror) is the title of a Colombian telenovela that first aired in Colombia in 1997 and was later remade & aired again in Colombia in 2004 by Telemundo.


Juliana Soler is the unattractive daughter of Regina, who had once been a fashion model. Regina makes fun of her daughter's homeliness and awkwardness when she is a child and forever shortchanges her emotionally throughout the story. Her Aunt Mercedes's ghost shows up and leads her to a lab, showing her an old mirror where Juliana can wish to be beautiful, however her aunt tells her that she can only be beautiful by day. At nightfall she will turn back into her normal self.

When Juliana wishes upon the mirror, she becomes the beautiful and glamorous Maritza Ferrer. As Maritza, she finds a job in a cosmetic company called Mutti Enterprises which is owned by Gabriel Mutti. There she meets the love of her life Marcos Mutti, who is the son of the owner Gabriel Mutti. But what she doesn't know is that Marcos Mutti is Gabriel's adopted son, and she is Gabriel Mutti's daughter.

Then Gabriel's evil wife, Barbara, develops a deep hatred toward Maritza, along with Marcos' girlfriend, Xiomara. The two women become wary of Maritza. When Marcos leaves Xiomara for Maritza, Maritza's situation worsens. Barbara kidnaps Maritza and when night comes, she discovers her secret. Barbara then plans to kill Maritza. She locks her in a room, filled with gasoline and ignites it. However, Barbara gets locked in the room along with Maritza. Maritza is saved, but Barbara is left horribly disfigured. Barbara then plots to use the secret mirror in order to take over Maritza's body. The disguised Barbara then begins dating Marcos but when he looks in the mirror, he sees Barbara's distorted image. Meanwhile Juliana is admitted to asylum after the trauma of her life sends her into non responsive shock. Marcos comes to her and admits his love to her not for beauty but for her. Barbara is eventually exposed and moves out of the picture. But 6 months later, the couple is planning their wedding, whilst Barbara gets numerous cosmetic surgeries to alter her physical appearance and returns as a poverty-struck women named Vanesa and gains everyone's trust ; later exposed she flees the Barrio and is not to be seen again. Gabriel and Regina unite and they reveal that Juliana is Gabriel's daughter. On the day of Juliana and Marcos's wedding, Barbara comes for one last revenge but dies when she drinks poison and melts away as rain fall's on her fake body. In the end it is shown that Juliana, Marcos and Regina, Gabriel lived happily ever after.


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