A Policewoman in New York

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La poliziotta a New York
La poliziotta a New York.jpg
Italian theatrical release poster by Enzo Sciotti
Directed byMichele Massimo Tarantini
StarringEdwige Fenech
Music byBerto Pisano
CinematographyGiancarlo Ferrando
Release date
  • 1981 (1981)

La poliziotta a New York (internationally released as A Policewoman in New York) is a 1981 commedia sexy all'italiana directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini. It is the final chapter in the "poliziotta" trilogy directed by Tarantini and starred by Edwige Fenech, with the first two movies being A Policewoman on the Porno Squad (La poliziotta della squadra del buon costume, 1979), and A Policewoman in New York (La poliziotta a New York, 1981).[1][2]



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