Special Killers

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Special Killers
Poster "Meurtres à Rome" (La ragazza di via Condotti)
Directed by German Lorente
Produced by Roberto Sabbatini
Written by German Lorente
Adriano Asti
Miguel De Ecchari
Starring Frederick Stafford
Femi Benussi
Music by Enrico Simonetti
Cinematography Mario Capriotti
Zafes Film
Midega Film
Mandala Film
Release date
  • 11 August 1973 (1973-08-11) (Italy)
  • 7 December 1977 (1977-12-07) (France)
Running time
97 minutes
Country Spain
Language Italian

Special Killers (Italian title: La ragazza di via Condotti, French title: Meurtres à Rome or Le crime de la via Condotti, Spanish title: La chica de via Condotti) is a 1973 Italian-French-Spanish crime-thriller film directed by German Lorente. The film stars are Frederick Stafford, Femi Benussi, Claude Jade and Michel Constantin.[1]


An attractive brunette, Simone Mattei (Patty Shepard), makes love with a lover. The tough guy penetrates her and starts at the same time to strangle her. He keeps on strangling the beauty until she is dead. An hour later, Sandro Mattei, a private investigator, finds his dead wife Simone. He comments the murder with "poor little bitch", but beside the victim he also discovers a photo showing a man on a motorcycle and a woman with glasses in the background. Now he wants to find the murderer. His girlfriend Tiffany (Claude Jade), who works as a photographer, makes a "Blow-up" from the photograph. Tiffany recognizes as the woman with glasses a certain Laura Damiani (Femi Benussi). Sandro and Tiffany are looking for her and they found her as stripper in a night club in Rome. While Tiffany has an unrequited crush on him, Sandro start to fall in love with Laura, mistress of an unscrupulous lawyer (Alberto de Mendoza). And Laura is mixed up in blackmail, crimes and shady business.



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