La reine Margot – Soundtrack

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La reine Margot - Soundtrack
La reine Margot – Soundtrack cover.jpg
Soundtrack album by Goran Bregović
Released 1994
Label Philips
Producer Goran Bregović

La reine Margot – Soundtrack is an album by Goran Bregović, with the music that he composed for the 1994 film La Reine Margot, by Patrice Chéreau. Like most of Bregović's work, the melodies in this soundtrack are heavily influenced by Balkan folk music tradition, but he also refurbished and recycled some of his previous work while he was the frontman of Bijelo dugme, one of the most influential Yugoslav rock bands of the 1970s and 1980s.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Elo Hi (Canto Nero)" (feat. Ofra Haza) - based on Kada odem, kad me ne bude (chorus) by Bijelo Dugme
  2. "Rondinella" (feat. Zdravko Čolić)
  3. "La Nuit De La Saint Barthélémy" (feat. Zdravko Čolić)
  4. "Le Matin"
  5. "Lullaby"
  6. "Ruda Neruda" (feat. Zdravko Čolić)
  7. "U te sam se zaljubija"
  8. "La Chasse"
  9. "Margot"
  10. "Rencontre"
  11. "Marguerite De Valois Et Henri De Navarre"
  12. "Le Mariage"
  13. "La Nuit" (feat. Dusan Prelevic) - based on Ružica by Bijelo Dugme
  14. "Elo Hi" (feat. Ofra Haza)