La sonrisa etrusca

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The Etruscan Smile
Author José Luis Sampedro
Original title La sonrisa etrusca
Country Spain
Language Spanish
Publication date

La sonrisa etrusca ("The Etruscan Smile") is a bestselling novel written by the Spanish economist and author José Luis Sampedro in 1985. Originally, it was written in Spanish. The story was inspired by the birth of the author's grandson.

Plot outline[edit]

A tough old farmer from southern Italy takes pride in his time served as a partisan during World War II. Due to a serious medical condition, he must move in with his son and daughter-in-law in Milan. While disliking life in the northern city, the relations between the old man and his tender grandson evolve, transforming his life during his final days.

Film adaptation[edit]

Thora Birch and Treat Williams on the set of The Etruscan Smile

A film adaptation is set to release in 2017, directed by Oscar nominated filmmakers Oded Binnun and Mihal Brezis.[1][2] It stars actor Brian Cox, Thora Birch, JJ Feild, Treat Williams, Rosanna Arquette and Peter Coyote.[3][4] The film's score is composed by Frank Ilfman, and it is performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra and orchestrated and conducted by Matthew Slater.[1]

Several changes to the novel were made for the screenplay. Written by Michael McGowan, Michal Lali Kagan and Sarah Bellwood,[5] the adaptation has changes such as the nationalities of the main character (Scottish) and his grandson (American) as well as the location where the old man moves (San Francisco).[2][1]


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