La verità in cimento

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La verità in cimento (Italian pronunciation: [la veriˈta in tʃiˈmento]; Truth in Contention) is an opera by Antonio Vivaldi to a libretto by Giovanni Palazzi. The opera, Vivaldi's 13th, was premiered during the Carnival at Venice in 1720. The work is dedicated to Count Sava Vladislavich, a Russian legate who resided in Venice from 1716 to 1722. The work is listed as RV 739 in the Vivaldi catalogue.


Role Voice type Premiere Cast, 1720
(Conductor: – )
Rosane soprano Anna Maria Strada
Rustena mezzo-soprano Chiara Orlandi
Melindo contralto Antonia Laurenti, "La Coralli".
Damira contralto Antonia Merighi
Zelim soprano (castrato) Girolamo Albertini
Sultan Mamud tenor Antonio Barbieri


Mamud had two sons, one by his favourite Damira and one by the Sultana Rustena. He had them exchanged at birth, so that Melindo, in truth the son of Damira, is thought to be the legitimate heir, a position rightfully held by Zelim. When marriage is proposed between Melindo and Rosane, the heiress to another Sultanate (who is in fact beloved by Zelim), Mamud resolves to reveal the true state of affairs. After various twists and turns, Zelim inherits the larger portion of his empire, while Melindo contents himself with a secondary kingdom (Rosane's country) and is allowed to marry the fickle princess Rosane. This leaves everyone satisfied.



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