La vita cos'è?

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Switzerland "La vita cos'è?"
Eurovision Song Contest 2000 entry
Jane Bogaert
Brigitte Schöb, Bernie Staub
Thomas Marin
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Lass ihn" (1998)   
"Dans le jardin de mon âme" (2002) ►

"La vita cos'è?" ("What is life?") was the Swiss entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in the year 2000. The ballad, which featured a climatic chorus, was performed by Jane Bogaert, who wore a sleeveless lilac gown for her performance. One of the black-clad backing singers who accompanied her was Al Bano, who previously had represented Italy in the 1976 and 1985 contests with Romina Power, singing "We'll Live It All Again" and "Magic Oh Magic" respectively.[1] "La vita cos'è?" was written by Brigitte Schöb and Bernie Staub, with lyrics by Thomas Marin.

The song was performed 16th on the night of the contest, following Germany's Stefan Raab with "Wadde hadde dudde da?" and preceding Croatia's Goran Karan with "Kad zaspu anđeli". The song received 14 points, placing 20th in a field of 24.

The song was succeeded as Swiss representative at the 2002, after being relegated from the 2001 contest, by Francine Jordi with the song "Dans le jardin de mon âme".


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