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Lab usually refers to:

Lab or LAB, or variant may also refer to:


  • Láb, a village near Bratislava in western Slovakia
  • Lab (river), in north-eastern Kosovo



  • LAB, Licentiate of the Associated Board (of the Royal Schools of Music, London) a qualification replaced by LRSM
  • LAB Records, a British independent record label
  • LAB (band), a Finnish band
  • Live aus Berlin, a recording of a 1999 concert by the German band Rammstein


Science and technology[edit]

  • live-active bacteria, healthy bacteria found in stomach linings
  • labs, a function that calculates the absolute value of a long integer in the C programming language
  • lead acid battery, a battery type commonly used in internal combustion engines
  • Linear alkylbenzene, a common inexpensive surfactant used in many industrial and household detergent formulations
  • Lithosphere-Asthenosphere boundary, a boundary between Earth's solid upper layers (crust and upper mantle) and partially melted lower mantle.
  • Lactic acid bacteria, a group of bacteria useful to the dairy, wine, and food industries
  • Lab color space
  • Lyman-alpha blob, a large area of gasses in space
  • Linear alkyl benzene sulfonate, a salt of a linear alkylbenzenesulfonic acid, used as an anionic surfactant: for example, sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate


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