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Lab Tests Online (now is a peer-reviewed non-profit web resource about clinical laboratory testing.[1][2] The site provides information on clinical lab tests as well as conditions that are managed or diagnosed by lab tests.[3] Lab Tests Online also provides summaries of recommendations by age, feature articles on lab-related topics, and news items of patient interest.[4] All contents are reviewed and approved by an Editorial Review Board composed of laboratory professionals before being posted to the site.[1]

The site was launched in 2001 by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, the scientific society for clinical laboratory science and is a collaboration with other professional societies representing the laboratory medicine community.[2][5] The website is mirrored on other sites in other countries and is available via mobile apps in several countries.[6]

In January 2021, AACC’s Lab Tests Online ( was acquired by OneCare Media.[7] In November of 2021, was rebranded to[8]


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