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31°11′01″N 29°54′14″E / 31.183655°N 29.903998°E / 31.183655; 29.903998

Labban (Arabic: اللبان‎‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt. It lies next to the Western Harbor,

Historical places in Labban include: - 7 Girls(Sabaa Banat) church and clinic, - Sant Catrine Cathetrade, - Lebone Building (Where the Name Labban Come from) - Electricity and Gas Company which is the first of its kind in Africa and the East, - Nahhas Studios, - Arab Carpets Factory, - Boghus Industrial City, - Areminan Building, - San Charl Burromen German School, - San Vincent De Paul French School, - Boloutan Square where the fight happened and taken by England as an excuse to conquer Egypt in the early 19th century - King Osman Factory - Ideal Refrigerators Factory - Bremos Burners Factory - Karatch Kotshekian Industrial Area - Alexandria Security Directorate and office of the military commander

Many famous figures come from Labban including:

- Kamel Al Khoulahi (Top Historical Musician) - Abdulfattah Al Kosaai (Actor) - Adel Adham (Actor) - Karima Mukhtar (Actress) - Omar Sherief (Actor) - Charels Aznafour (Singer) - Yanni (Musician) - Moniem Ismail (Politician) - Mohamed Hussien Nour (Power Engineer) - Mohamed Abdulwahab (Computer Professor and University President CA, USA) .... and hundreds of very well known figures


Close to within al-Gomrok neighborhood. Walking Distance to the east harbor of Alexandria

- East: Saladin Street in Attarine - West: Gomrok (Alexandria Harbor) - North: Manshiyea - South: Mina Al Basal Industrial and Import/Export area

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