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Labour or Labor may refer to:


  • Bonded labour, a system of unfree labour where a person must work to pay off a debt
  • Child labour, the employment of children under an age determined by law or custom
  • Contract labour or Employment, a relationship between an employer and an employee
  • Labour Day, a national holiday in many countries
  • Labour economics, the functioning and dynamics of the markets for labour
  • Labor force, the people of a country or other geographic entity actively employed or seeking employment
  • Labor pool or Workforce, the people working in a company, industry, nation or other group
  • Labor relations, the study of the relationship between management and workers
  • Labour movement, the development of a collective organisation of working people
  • Labour union or trade union, an association of wage-earners meant to maintain or improve conditions of employment
  • Manual labour, physical work done by people
  • Unfree labour, work relations in which people are employed against their will
  • Wage labour, delivery of services by person for payment


  • Labor, physiological process in a mother-to-be, leading to childbirth; culmination of a period of pregnancy with the delivery of one or more newborn infants


  • Josef Labor (1842–1924), Czech composer, pianist, organist, and teacher


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