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A labor dispute is a dispute between an employer and its employees regarding the terms (such as conditions of employment, fringe benefits, hours of work, tenure, wages) to be negotiated during collective bargaining, or the implementation of already agreed upon terms.



Through multi-channel, multi-level promotion of policies and regulations to create the employer knowing the law, workers rights activists know a good social atmosphere.

Strengthening the investigation[edit]

To prevent and reduce labor disputes from the source, to grasp the business dynamics and signs of labor disputes could lead to mass events and trends.

Strengthen liberating[edit]

To continuously improve their operational capacity and service levels, the warm reception visiting people, labor disputes the admissibility of the complaint.

Strengthen regulation[edit]

Regulate corporate employment practices, and promote compliance, according to management, to effectively prevent and reduce the incidence of labor disputes and mass emergencies.


A party for mediation of labor disputes, the Labour party services shall be provided by the municipality or county (city) competent authority mediation application. One of the parties to the dispute before the entry organ Collective Agreement Law Article 10 Paragraph (institutions), schools who attend mediation when its agents shall attach the same Article has given consent form approved by the right authority. The first municipal or county (city) competent authority considers necessary for the labor dispute, it may exoffice mediation and notify the parties of labor disputes. The first and the preceding paragraph mediation, the Labour party has two or more persons, each labor party services provided to the competent authority in respect of mediation cases have jurisdiction.


Not established by conciliation, the parties may jointly apply to the municipal or county (city) competent authorities apply to arbitration. But adjusting events labor disputes, government agencies and organizations party to treaty law provisions of Article 10, paragraph (institutions), school, and by the authority of the same Article approved prescribed, shall not apply to arbitration. One labor dispute by the Labour party is the second paragraph of Article 54, the adjustment of the labor dispute, either party may apply to the municipal or county (city) apply to arbitration; their case with the third cause of adjustment matters labor disputes, the parties were unable to agree the terms of essential services, either party may apply to the central competent authority to arbitration. Labor disputes with the written consent of the parties without the consent of mediation, the special municipality or county (city) competent authority to apply to arbitration. Adjustment of labor disputes through mediation matters not established, the municipal or county (city) competent authorities recognize the interests of influential public life and serious nature, or at the request of the industry competent authority, pursuant to its authority to arbitration and notify the parties.

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