Laboratoires Expanscience

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Laboratoires Expanscience
Société Anonyme with Management Board and Supervisory Board
Industry Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetics
Headquarters Courbevoie, France
Key people
Jean-Paul Berthomé, CEO
Products Medicines, Dermo-Cosmetics, Health products
Revenue 272.3 million Euros[1]
Number of employees

Laboratoires Expanscience was created in 1950 by Paul Berthomé and Claude Guillon[2] and is a pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in dermo-cosmetics, rheumatology, dental health, dermatology and the marketing of active cosmetic ingredients. It owns well known brands Mustela and Noviderm.


In 1950, Laboratoires Expanscience was created by Paul Berthomé and Claude Guillon and specialized in dermo-cosmetics.[3]

From 1957 Expanscience decided to diversify into rheumatology.[4]

Laboratoires Expanscience began to develop the international side of its business from 1963 with the opening of a Belgian subsidiary.

Between 1963 and 1996 Laboratoires Expanscience increased its international presence with the opening of 5 subsidiaries in Italy (1965), Spain (1971), Portugal (1979) and the United States (1989).

In 1996 Laboratoires Expanscience once again diversified its business with the introduction of a range of dermatological medicines, followed in 2001 by the launch of its dental health business.

In 2002 the business continued its international expansion with the opening of a subsidiary in Mexico, followed in 2009 by one in Poland and in 2013 with the opening of 2 subsidiaries in Brazil and Turkey then, in 2014 in Australia and Canada.[4]

The Expanscience Brands[edit]


Mustela is a line of products for baby care. The product line includes the following ranges:[5] Mustela Bébé, Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics, Mustela Maternity and Mustela Sun Protection:

The name Mustela means 'weasel' in Latin


Noviderm is a line of skin care products developed in 1996. Noviderm products are used to treat skin problems in adolescents and adults.

Other products and brands[edit]

In addition to these brands Laboratoires Expanscience market the following products:

Rheumatology Dermatology Salud Dental
Fixical Doxylis Gé Hyalugel
Flexea Effizinc Piasclédine 300
Hyalgan Procuta
Piasclédine 300

Research and Development[edit]

Laboratoires Expanscience has devoted part of its business to research and development.

In 2015, Laboratoires Expanscience invested 4% of its turnover in research and development.[1] Between 1997 and 2015, Laboratoires Expanscience has filed 87 patents in France and produced 54 scientific publications.[1]

Laboratoires Expanscience research work is carried out in three centers at its Épernon site:[6]

  • The innovation centre which works on the development of new active ingredients based on plant material or derived from green chemistry
  • The product development center which works on the development of new cosmetic products
  • The safety, quality and effectiveness center which ensures the quality and chemical safety of the products and materials

Sustainable development[edit]

Laboratoires Expanscience initiated a sustainable development strategy in February 2004 with the signature of the United Nations Global Compact.[7]

From 2005 Laboratoires Expanscience has set up a Corporate Social Responsibility framework to incorporate sustainable development into its corporate strategy.

Its action on sustainable development is carried out in 4 areas of work:

  • The products - by offering products and active ingredients which are safe for consumers and kind to the environment and overall to reduce their environmental impact,[8][9]
  • Purchasing and supplies -by integrating the sustainable development criteria into the purchasing process and by ensuring that biodiversity and local populations are respected and by fighting against bio piracy[9]
  • Environmental practices – by working to reduce its environmental impact in particular by the reduction of water and energy consumption[9]
  • Social responsibility – by improving quality of life at work for employees and favoring social investment and dialogue with all its stakeholders[9]

In February 2012 Laboratoires Expanscience joined the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), gradually ensuring that its sourcing practices promote the conservation of biodiversity, respect traditional knowledge and assure the equitable sharing of benefits all along the supply chain.[10]

Furthermore, Laboratoires Expanscience has set up an environmental management system aiming to get an ISO 14001 certification for 2012 for its production site.[11]

The Mustela Foundation[edit]

Founded in 1982 by the President of Laboratoires Expanscience under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Mustela Foundation is aimed at child health professionals and its objective is to encourage work and projects on children’s development and their relationship with their environment.

Since its creation the Mustela Foundation has supported research by awarding scientific research grants and since 2007 via the Research-Action prize which finances a project led by practicians on the ground and/or researchers working on a topic set out by the scientific committee of the Mustela Foundation.

In 2006, the Foundation launched a prize for social pediatrics in partnership with the Société Française de Pédiatrie to support a project promoting the positive treatment of children and their families.The Foundation also carries out action for health protection by distributing free literature.[12]

The Foundation launched a prize for maieutic in France in 2012 and in Belgium in 2013.

Financial Data[edit]

In 2015, Laboratoires Expanscience had a turnover of 272,3 million Euros,[1] 49% made in France and 51% internationally.

Breakdown of turnover by business sector[edit]

The 2012 turnover can be broken down as follows:[1]

  • Dermo-Cosmetics: 58.9%
  • Health: 41.1%


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