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Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) is an international think tank set up in 2007 with a focus on research and design. Its stated goal is to reposition architecture at the forefront of cultural, technological and social change.[1] It maintains offices in Sydney, Beijing, Stuttgart, Berlin and Riyadh. The group has three directors, Tobias Wallisser [2] is based in Berlin, Alexander Rieck [3] is based in Stuttgart while Chris Bosse is based in Sydney.[4]

LAVA s projects in Australia Abu Dhabi China Korea and Germany.

LAVA takes their inspiration from nature, using the principle of biomimetics.[5] LAVA projects such as Tower Skin,[6] Snowflake Tower [7] and Bionic Tower feature intelligent systems and skins that respond to air pressure, temperature, humidity, solar-radiation and pollution.[8] LAVA uses computation to simulate this natural behaviour of growth and adaptation of species.

Projects include master plans for universities; installations such as the lycra Green Void [9] and the set for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards;[10] winning competition design for the city centre of the CO2-free city Masdar in Abu Dhabi;[11] sports facilities;[12] the ‘reskinning’ of the UTS building in Sydney;[13] LAVA's Martian Embassy in Sydney houses shop and writing classes for kids in an immersive space of oscillating plywood ribs integrating seating, counters and shelves and animated by red planet light and sound projections.[14] LAVA won [with DESIGNSPORT and JDAW] the international competition held by the Federal Sport Commission, Ethiopia to design a new FIFA and Olympic-standard 60,000 seat stadium and sports village in Addis Ababa. Construction commences in 2014.[15]

Awards include the Australian Interior Design Award,[16] UN partnered ZEROprize Re-Skinning Award,[17] I. D. Annual Design Review, IDEA Award,[18] AAFAB AA London, Cityscape Dubai Award Sustainability,[19] commendations include Well Tech Award Italy and Dedalo Minosse International Prize.[20]


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