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For other uses, see Laborec (disambiguation).
Laborec River at Strážske.
Bridge over the Laborec at Strážske.

The Laborec (Hungarian: Laborc) is a river in eastern Slovakia that flows through the districts of Medzilaborce, Humenne, and Michalovce in the Košice Region, and the Prešov Region. The river drains the Laborec Highlands.


Tributaries of the Laborec river include the Uh River which joins the Laborec near the city of Drahňov in Michalovce District, and the Cirocha river. The Laborec itself is a tributary, flowing into the Latorica river.


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Coordinates: 48°36′N 22°00′E / 48.600°N 22.000°E / 48.600; 22.000