Labou Vallis

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Labou Vallis
Labou Vallis based on day THEMIS.png
Labou Vallis based on day-time THEMIS image
Coordinates 8°42′S 154°30′W / 8.7°S 154.5°W / -8.7; -154.5Coordinates: 8°42′S 154°30′W / 8.7°S 154.5°W / -8.7; -154.5

Labou Vallis is a valley in the Memnonia quadrangle of Mars, located at 8.7° south latitude and 154.5° west longitude. It is 222 km long and was named after a French word for Mars.[1] Labou Vallis has dark slope streaks on its walls. The streaks are generally thought to be the dark material that has been exposed by bright dust moving down a steep slope in an avalanche.

Labou Vallis, as seen by HiRISE. The full size image shows old and new (darker) dark slope streaks.